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GB Performance Squad

The upper end of the new structure being implemented for 2022 under the Performance Pathway Review has three levels: “Talent” (age 15 upwards), “Development” (age 19 upwards), and “Performance”.

The Development and Performance Squads aim to support athletes as they plan and prepare for International Competitions from the Junior World Orienteering Championships upwards, through to the European Orienteering Championships, World Games, and World Orienteering Championships.

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GB Development Squad

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GB Talent Squad

Talent Scotland

Talent North

Talent South

Angus Laird

Jake O'Donnell

Reuben Lawson

James Hammond

Reuben Razetti

Freddie Lake

Sam Hunt

Conrad Reuber

Oliver Prince

Adam Barrie

Daisy Rennie

Rose Taylor

Jonas Newey

Cate Matthew

Maggie Soulsby

Alice Kemsley

Amelia Thompson

Amelia Wing

Catriona Chapman

Hannah Mather

Jocie Hilton

Daisy McNamara

Jamie Lightfoot

Adam Methven

Iris MacMillan

Peter Scott

Tommy Heap

Isobel Howard

Imogen Pieters

Ben Gostick

Angus Ivory

Laura Brown

Will Thomas

Ewan Musgrave

Emma Crawford

Will Lake

Finlay Raynor

Isobel Sunley

Emily Elms

Jamie Goddard

Euan Tryner

Amy Lee Jones

Joel Gooch

Max Mobus

Tom Perry

Oscar Shepherd

Ben Squire

Emils Ummers

Sam Griffin

Matthew Morris

Barney Steventon-Barnes

Fiona Eades

Maya Hampshire Wright