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Our Vision

More People, More Places, More Podiums (MP3)

The vision statement encompasses three threads which are crucial to the future of British Orienteering and which had considerable support during the consultation:

Expanding the numbers of people aware of, participating in, and assisting as volunteers in, orienteering. This will also swell the number of members of British Orienteering and its Clubs.

Widening the range of places where orienteering takes place – bringing the excitement, fun and skills of navigation at speed to a wider public by holding events more locally, including in or near urban areas, closer to where they live or can reach in the time they wish to devote, and with less environmental impact arising from travel to events.

Winning more places on the podiums at international competitions – stressing the competitive nature of the port and increasing our already creditable success by winning more medals and podium places internationally.

Winning more places on the podiums

Our Values

Pride: taking pride in our involvement in orienteering whether as a participant, competitor or volunteer

Integrity: earning respect and building transparent, trusting relationship at all levels of our involvement in orienteering

Inclusiveness & Diversity: believing and living the belief that orienteering is for everyone and benefits from the involvement of all