GB Programme

The talent and performance pathway



Regional Squads (age classes from 14 to 18)

  • First steps for many on the talent pathway

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Competitive opportunities at the Junior Inter-Regional Championships

GB Talent Squad (up to and including age class 20)

  • Aim: Developing athletes’ understanding of the training and lifestyle requisites of an international orienteer with the outcome to achieve medals or top 10 places at JWOC

  • Competitions:

    • Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC) – Primary Target (age class 20): Athletes performing excellently can establish themselves as potential candidates for selection to the subsequent year’s WOC

    • Junior European Cup (JEC) – (age classess 18 & 20): JEC is used as a training camp/competition for the assessment and development of athletes. Older JWOC athletes are unlikely to be selected to create opportunity for a wider pool of athletes

    • European Youth Orienteering Championship – (age classes 16 & 18): Competing at EYOC is a major step up in competitive orienteering for young athletes and is a great opportunity for staff to assess athletes’ performances and establish, confirm or modify personal development plans

GB Development Squad (Seniors)

  • Aim: Developing athletes to deliver top 20 performances at the World Championships in 2 to 5 years’ time

  • The focus for the Squad is for those athletes that are seniors (over age class 20) and have potential to be selected into the Performance Squad but have not yet demonstrated performances enabling them to be selected into the Performance Squad

  • Competitions:

    • Euromeeting: An opportunity to perform well against good competition and to stake a claim for selection to a World Cup, WOC or to the Performance Squad

    • World Cups: The importance of ranking points and the ‘division’ system of allocating the number of places to a nation mean that priority will be given to Performance Squad athletes, however if places are available, athletes in the Development Squad will be considered for selection to teams competing at World Cups

    • European Orienteering Championship (EOC): Falls within the same category as World Cups above

    • World University Orienteering Championship (WUOC): A great opportunity for athletes in higher education

GB Performance Squad

  • Aim: Preparing athletes to deliver medals and top 10 performances over the next 1 to 5 World Championships.

  • Competitions:

    • World Championships (WOC) – Primary target (Open): The ultimate target for our talent and performance programme and pathway; competing at WOC is the focus for athletes and preparation will dominate their schedule

    • World Cups (WC): WCs now support and underpin performances at WOC and as such there is less opportunity to use WCs for development

GB Watch Squad

  • Aim: To provide opportunity for athletes not in squads to be tracked and available for selection

  • Typically these will be athletes who may wish to place their orienteering aspirations to one side while they focus on education, career, family, etc.

  • Competitions: consideration for selection to any of the above competition