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Orienteering is an exciting and challenging outdoor sport that exercises both mind and body. The aim is to navigate between control points marked on an orienteering map; as a competitive sport the challenge is to complete the course in the quickest time choosing your own best route; as a recreational activity it does not matter how young, old or fit you are, as you can run or walk making progress at your own pace on the courses planned to suit you.

Orienteering can take place anywhere from remote forest and countryside to urban areas, parks and school playgrounds. Orienteering is a fulfilling sport for runners and walkers of all ages who want to test themselves mentally as well as physically or who want to add variety to their leisure activities. Read More


The World Trail Orienteering Championships, TempO

The World Trail Orienteering Championships began in earnest for the British team yesterday morning (Tuesday 23 August) with the TempO heats held in Strömstad City. There were two heats each of 36 competitors. Each heat had eight stations, (or control clusters), each station having six flags, with five timed control problems per station.

In TempO, there is a time allowance of up to 30 seconds to answer each problem. The total time a competitor takes to answer every station is added together, together with a 30-second penalty for every mistake made: the lowest time accumulated wins.

In the Red heat, Nick Barrable was placed 7th in 260 seconds, whilst Ian Ditchfield scored 411, in 28th place. In the Blue Heat, John Kewley scored 372 and Tom Dobra 296 seconds, placing them 24th and 13th out of  36. The best 18 in each heat qualified for the Final which meant that Tom and Nick made the Final, the first time we had managed to qualify two athletes for the TempO Final.

Photo (above):  Tom Dobra.  Credit:  Joaquim Margarido

Photo (above):  Ian Ditchfield.  Credit:  Joaquim Margarido

Over the lunchtime break there was then a brief International Orienteering Federation (IOF) Welcoming Ceremony for the TrailO athletes, because as the central part of of Strömstad had been an embargoed area for the TrailO teams until after the TempO, they were unable to attend the official Opening Ceremony earlier in the week.

In the afternoon, the TempO Final was held in a different area of the city, finishing in the athletics arena used for the World Orienteering Championships 2016 Sprints and Sprint Relays. The final course had a further five stations, but this time there were six problems per station. Competitors started in reverse order, with the slowest starting first and the fastest last.

The race finished with a final public station in the arena, with planner Bosse Sandstrom indicating to the crowd of spectators whether the competitor’s answers were correct or not.

Photo:  Nick Barrable.  Credit:  Joaquim Margarido

Tom Dobra made six errors on this very tricky course, and was disappointed to finish in 34th place, whilst Nick Barrable had four of the 36 problems wrong in a time of 411 which placed him 28th overall.

The competition was won by the Norwegian Lars Jakob Waaler, who made only three errors in 248 seconds. Sweden’s Marit Wiksell won the silver and the Finn, Pinja Mäkinen won bronze. There were three women placed in the top four as the other podium positions went to Iva Lovrec of Croatia in 4th place, whilst Kreso Kerestes of Slovenia and Remo Madella of Italy (mapper of this year’s London City Race) with a score of 288, shared 5th position. Remo was particularly pleased as he had only just scraped through as the 36th and last qualifier.

For the British TrailO team it was a slightly disappointing end to the day. We have never placed higher than 27th in TempO and at least we managed to qualify two competitors to the Final this year.

Full results from the World Trail Orienteering Championships, TempO can be found here.

Today sees the first round of the PreO (traditional TrailO) in the beautiful nature reserve on the island of Saltö.

Great Britain Team

Competition Format:  PreO

PreO Day 1, Wednesday 24 August

PreO Day 2, Friday 26 August

Open PreO Class
John Kewley (Manchester and District Orienteering Club)
Ian Ditchfield (Mole Valley Orienteering Club)
Nick Barrable (South Yorkshire Orienteers)

Paralympic PreO Class
Dick Keighley (Wimborne Orienteers)
Peter Roberts (Eborienteers)

Team Manager
Anne Braggins (West Anglian Orienteering Club)

The full programme is available on the World Trail orienteering Championships website.

British Orienteering wishes the Great Britain team all the very best as they compete in the World Trail Orienteering Championships, PreO first round today.


Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager on behalf of Richard Keighley, Chair of TrailO Development Steering Group, British Orienteering.


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The World Trail Orienteering Championships starts today with TempO.


The World Trail Orienteering Championships starts today (Tuesday 23 August) with TempO. In Trail orienteering, also known as Trail-O, you need to be precise and choose the right control from several controls suspended within the same ringed area. This is solved with the help of a map and a description of the control. Trail-O is a sport for everyone. You can train for Trail-O despite a physical disability when the course you intend to follow is marked and free of steep inclines or barriers.

Great Britain World TrailO Team competing in the TempO today is as follows:

Competition Format:  TempO

TempO Qualification, Tuesday 23 August

TempO Final, Tuesday 23 August

Open TempO Class
John Kewley (Manchester and District Orienteering Club)
Ian Ditchfield (Mole Valley Orienteering Club)
Nick Barrable (South Yorkshire Orienteers)
Tom Dobra (University of Bristol Orienteering Club)

Team Manager
Anne Braggins (West Anglian Orienteering Club)


Follow the Great Britain team at the World Trail Orienteering Championships.

The full programme is available on the World Trail Orienteering Championships website.

British Orienteering wishes the Great Britain team all the very best as they compete in the World Trail Orienteering Championships, TempO today!


Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager





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Middle distance race today at the World Orienteering Championships, Sweden!

British Orienteering wish the Great Britain Team all the very best as they compete in the Middle distance race today.

World Orienteering Championships

Great Britain Team

Middle distance (Tuesday 23 August 2016)

Men Women

Graham Gristwood
(Forth Valley Orienteers)
Read more

Hollie Orr
(Lakeland Orienteering Club)
Read more

Hector Haines
(Interlopers Orienteering Club)
Read more

Jo Shepherd
(Inverness Orienteering Club)
Read more

Ralph Street
(South London Orienteers and Wayfarers)
Read more

Jessica Tullie
(Badenoch and Strathspey Orienteering Club)
Read more


Follow the race today here


Start times (BST)

Ralph Street 14:16

Graham Gristwood 14:36

Hector Haines 14:40

Jo Shepherd  16:52

Jess Tullie   17:02

Hollie Orr 17:34


item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager


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Celebrating two podiums and several personal bests at the World Orienteering Championships!

Photo:  Great Britain Mixed Sprint Relay Team (left to right): Charlotte Ward, Peter Hodkinson, Kris Jones, Cat Taylor.

It has been an exciting weekend in Stromstad, Sweden with two podiums and several personal bests. 

Kris’s racing has been outstanding and it is inspirational to see him deliver an almost perfect performance at the very highest level.  

Photo:  Great Britain Kris Jones (4th in the Sprint) on the World Orienteering Championships podium in Stromstad, Sweden.

Photo:  Kris Jones at the prize-giving ceremony.

Yesterday was a rest day. Last minute preparations for the Middle distance, the prize-giving and podium celebrations in Stromstad and the all-important ‘meet the team’ picnic back here at our accommodation. We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our supporters in particular those who have travelled to Sweden but also those of you who are at home watching and cheering as the races unfolds.  There are three British regional squad training camps out here at the moment and we really appreciate their enthusiastic support.  I look forward to welcoming them to the World Championships Team in the near future.  Every World Championships and Olympic medal starts with a seemingly impossible dream. 

Today it is back to work. Whilst dreams of winning medals and getting top places are motivating through the long dark and often damp winter months there is no room for thinking about the end result today, race day is all about executing the processes correctly.  Let  go of the need to get a result.  Let go of any fear of failure and embrace the excitement and challenge of the course you are presented with.  All our athletes will stand on the start line with the confidence that comes from being well prepared. The athletes know the hard work is behind them and that race day is about ‘trying softer’ and to achieve this they will all have very clear specific goals focused on delivering a strong orienteering performance. Most of these goals will be about doing the basic skills accurately for example compass bearings, knowing where you enter the circle, exit direction, allowing yourself time to read the map and make good decisions, goals that help one stay focused on the task in hand.  The sprinters have laid down the gauntlet and I am sure the forest athletes, and of course Ralph and Jo who are doing both, will rise to the challenge.  We wish them all the very best.

Follow the Middle distance race today on:  http://liveresults.woc2016.se/followfull.php?comp=11818&lang=en

Start times (BST)

Ralph Street 14:16

Graham Gristwood 14:36

Hector Haines 14:40

Jo Shepherd  16:52

Jess Tullie   17:02

Hollie Orr 17:34


Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager on behalf of Liz Campbell, Lead Coach

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EGM, Association and Club Conference

Due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control, the venue for the EGM and the Association and Club conference is no longer available.

We will endeavour to find an alternative venue and the membership will be notified as soon as we have one booked.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Item posted by Scott Parker, Administrator.

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Great Britain getting better and better

IOF President Brian Porteous with Kris Jones (left) and Peter Hodkinson (right).  Photo credit :Erik Borg

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) President Brian Porteous went proudly to greet his national team at the end of the race yesterday. Great Britain did better than ever before in a Sprint Relay, but there is still more to aim for.

Cat Taylor at the Finish with team-mates.  Photo credit: Erik Borg

There were a lot of happy British faces after Cat Taylor (27) had finished the last Leg. The GB team finished in fourth place. That’s a big step forward. “We have all run good Legs, and an important reason for doing well is a very good team spirit”, Cat's team-mates say. “This is the best for GB in the Sprint Relay at the World Orienteering Championships so far, and there is more to come”.

A medal position is something the good British sprinters really want to achieve.

The Leg times show that Kris Jones (25) was particularly fast on the third Leg, but all did well. Charlotte Ward (23) and Peter Hodkinson (25) ran the other two Legs.

One year ago the British team was fourteenth on home ground.

Great Britain Mixed Sprint Relay Team (left to right): Cat Taylor, Kris Jones, Peter Hodkinson, Charlotte Ward.   Photo credit: Erik Borg

For Cat Taylor it will soon be one more diploma from the World Orienteering Championships, with this fourth place. She will get it at the prize-giving tonight (Monday evening). She received two diplomas last year, coming fifth in the Middle Distance and six on the Long. Now she is running in her other ‘home country’. She’s been living in Sweden for some years now, and knows how to tackle her next race – the Long Distance on Thursday (25 August). “And the good result in the Sprint Relay has taken away a lot of pressure”, Catherine says.

Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager on behalf of the International Orienteering Federation (IOF).




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Fourth place for Great Britain in the Mixed Sprint Relay

The British team were back in Strömstad, today, for the Mixed Sprint Relay writes Ed Nicholas.

Great Britain had high hopes of a top result with all of the team in good shape to deliver great performances. 

Charlotte Ward started on first Leg. Racing hard, Charlotte kept pace in the second group of around seven teams who were close behind the front group of Sweden, Denmark and Poland. Fighting hard to the finish Charlotte finished in 8th place 34 seconds off the lead. A very good start for the team.

Peter Hodkinson was next up on second leg. Peter made some initial gains climbing up to 5th place at one point and exchanging positions with the other athletes around him before handing over to Kris Jones in 9th place. This left Great Britain 1:08 off the leaders, Denmark, but still within touching distance of a top position.


The challenge was then taken up by Kris Jones (pictured) who ran an incredible 3rd Leg and the fastest of the day by some margin. Starting quickly Kris soon started passing other teams and was up to 6th at the first radio check. Kris started to bring down the lead of those teams, in the medal positions, and was soon close behind bronze medal position held by Switzerland. Kris finished up 4th.  Just 37 seconds down on gold and seven seconds behind bronze.




Kris Jones racing in the 3rd Leg.
Photo credit: Dave Rollins

Cat Taylor took the final Leg. Cat worked tremendously hard over the course. Although she was unable to catch either Judith Wyder of Switzerland or Helena Janson of Sweden, she made sure the team finished ahead of fast final Legs from Russia, Norway and the Czech Republic.

Charlotte said, after the race:  "It is another step in the right direction for our team. We're all so happy with the result. It's great when a plan comes together, and today I think we delivered the best result possible.  It was a hard decision for me not to run in the Sprint Final, but I really wanted to give everything for my team, to see what we could do. I felt very well prepared with clear goals, and I am pleased that I met my aims. I felt disappointed that I couldn't get Peter off to a better start, but on reflection I think it was a good performance. I know there is more to come, and I am so excited for 2017 and beyond!  Thanks to all the supporters, both here in Sweden, and those back in the UK."


Above photo: Cat Taylor (4th Leg), Kris Jones (3rd Leg), Liz Campbell (Head Coach for Performance), Peter Hodkinson (2nd Leg) and Charlotte Ward (1st Leg).  Photo credit: Dave Rollins

Above photo:  Cat Taylor (4th Leg) racing to the Finish.
Credit: Erik Borg

Kris Jones, said after the race:  "I think we knew that we could perform well and still not get a medal today, which is what happened. As a team we did a great job and it was a great feeling to still be in the fight for a medal on the last Leg. It was a great team to be part of, we gave it everything."


Photo left to right:  Peter Hodkinson congratulates Cat Taylor, with Charlotte Ward, Kris Jones and Dave Rollins (Senior Team Manager) looking on.  Credit: Erik Borg

Peter Hodkinson, said:  "That was an unforgettable experience. I think we've known we could threaten the medals for a few years and it feels great to deliver a result which is close to our potential. I'm really proud of my teammates and I think there's more to come in the future."

Mixed Relay Team (left to right): Cat Taylor (4th Leg), Kris Jones (3rd Leg), Peter Hodkinson (2nd Leg) and Charlotte Ward (1st Leg). 

This was Great Britain's best result in the discipline, bettering the sixth place from the World Orienteering Championships 2014 in Italy.

Tomorrow (Monday 22 August) is a rest day before the forest races start on Tuesday (23 August) with the Middle distance. Results of the Sprint Relay can be found here.


Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager


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Kris Jones takes 4th in the first race of the World Orienteering Championships



World Orienteering Championships 2016 began today with the individual Sprint races in Stromstad writes Ed Nicholas.

An intense day of sprinting took place with the qualifications in the morning and finals late in the afternoon.  

Qualification races are always a little tricky because athletes have to judge their pace  to guarantee qualification whilst at the same time saving energy for the  final later in the day.  Five of the six athletes, representing GB, qualified -  Kris Jones, Peter Hodkinson and Ralph Street in the men's race and Alice Leake and Charlotte Ward in the women's race. Jo Shepherd unfortunately missed out by just two seconds. This was Jo’s debut at the World Championships and she ran strongly but ran past a control and had to double back, which cost her the time.  Of course she was disappointed with the final outcome  but knows that she is still on the steep part of the learning curve as far as racing at this level is concerned and is determined to learn lessons from today.  Jo will also race in the middle and the long finals later in the week.  The rest of the team qualified well in their heats and we were all excited to see what would happen in the finals.

The women raced first.  Alice started off very strongly and, at the spectator run-through, was racing into a top position. An error in the second half of the race proved costly and Alice finished up in 22nd place.

Alice said: "It was a race of two halves. I committed and ran on my limits and had an almost perfect first half of the race. Unfortunately I just couldn't hold it together all the way until the end. Although I was initially really disappointed, on reflection it's actually quite exciting how well I was doing. I'll take a lot of confidence, learning and self belief out of today and going forwards." 

Charlotte Ward did not start the Sprint Final. Charlotte’s main aim for this World Championship is the Mixed Sprint Relay and so her goals for the individual race were all about getting ready to race tomorrow.  As a result of achieving these goals, in the qualifier, a team decision was taken that she would not start in the final and, instead, save her legs for the Mixed Sprint Relay tomorrow. 

In the men's race, Kris Jones achieved the best British result finishing in fourth place. This was a very good result however agonisingly close to the medal he wanted. 

Kris has had a great summer bringing home two gold medals from the World Universities Orienteering Championships and making significant progress on his fitness and speed. After the race, he commented: "Fourth place. It is a tired saying but it is bittersweet. I know that I have raised my game this year, which is great, but I'm gutted that I didn't execute the race that I was capable of. It was an okay race but I was too scrappy and made too many small mistakes. It's a fine line. It is a new day tomorrow though and I am ready and excited for the Sprint Relay."

Ralph Street was the next Brit in 17th place. Ralph was disappointed after his race with a crucial error taking away the top 10 and potential podium place he has been working towards. His focus now shifts to the forest races with the Middle race and Relay.

Peter Hodkinson, in his debut World Championships, achieved 22nd place.

Peter said afterwards:  "I really enjoyed my World Orienteering Championships debut today and it has been a positive experience for me going forward. I found the course quite simple and was generally pleased with my navigation and execution but finished feeling that I hadn't got everything out there physically. This is disappointing for me and I had hoped that a technical performance like this would be worth a higher placing, but I'm happy to have handled the big race nerves well and to have started and finished with a smile on my face! As always I'm super excited for the Sprint Relay tomorrow!"

The whole team has worked hard for these world championships and it is  exciting  to see their progress.  Tomorrow (Sunday 21st August), Strömstad will host the Mixed Sprint Relay.

Full results from today's final sprint races can be found here.


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Extraordinary General Meeting

At the 35th Annual General Meeting on the 25th March at Leeds University Union, Proposal 3, Membership and Levy Fees, was withdrawn on the basis that it clearly caused concerns and did not have wide support of many members, Clubs and Associations.

Notice is hereby given that a British Orienteering Extraordinary General Meeting will take place on Saturday 29th October 2016 at NFU Mutual Head Office, Tiddington Road, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 7BJ starting at 11:00am. This will then be followed by the Association and Club conference. Details of the EGM Agenda and further information regarding the Association and Club conference will be published in due course.

All members are encouraged to attend, we look forwarding to seeing you there. If you are unable to attend please use the opportunity to use your proxy vote.

Item posted by Scott Parker, Administrator.

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Follow the action of the World Orienteering Championships LIVE from Sweden.

Live coverage from the World Orienteering Championships is available soon. 

Make sure you keep up-to-date with the action and latest results as and when they happen! 

Live coverage will be from Sweden from the first day of the World Orienteering Championships (Saturday 20 August) right through the Championships until the Relay on the Saturday 27 August 2016 and can be seen in the UK via the IOF LiveCenter.

For the full experience and excitement, the whole event will be live streamed on the IOF LiveCenter.  Daily passes or a full week pass can be purchased which gives access to the live broadcast, complete with expert commentary as well as GPS tracking and live results.

For the full schedule of the online World Orienteering Championships on LiveCenter click here

Week and Day Passes are available at 20 EUR for the Week Pass, and 8 EUR for the Day Pass.
All Passes (Tickets) can be bought in the LiveCenter web shop.

The Week Pass ticket gives you access to the international Web-TV production of WOC 2016 on 20-27 August,  as well as the GPS Tracking, and the Day Pass will give the same access on the specified date. Please make sure you check the date when buying Day Passes.

More information on how to buy your tickets can be found here.

Ticket seller is the International Orienteering Federation (IOF).

Don’t miss the action!  As well as the opportunity to cheer on the GB team!


Item posted by Jennie Taylor, Marketing Manager

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Great Britain getting better and better

The International Orienteering Federation (IOF) President Brian Porteous went proudly to greet his national team at the end of the Mixed Sprint Relay race yesterday.

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