University Orienteering Clubs

University Orienteering is a great place to either continue involvement in the sport or start it from new. There are a number of Universities with clubs and groups and this webpage gives details of those around the UK. If you are interested in setting up a University Orienteering club or group and would require support and advice please email the National Office.

University of Bristol Orienteering Club
Contact Alastair Stephenson on and visit our website at to find out more."

Cambridge University Orienteering Club
Please contact the captains here

University of Durham Orienteering Club
Contact Peter Bray here

Edinburgh University Orienteering Club
Contact Briony Kincaid here
Website here and Facebook group here

Glasgow University Orienteering Club
Contact Simon Gardner here and Facebook Group here

Leeds University Orienteering Club
Contact Ash Stratton-Powell here

Lincoln University Orienteering
Contact Tom George here

Loughborough University Orienteering
Contact Philip Vokes here

Oxford University Orienteering Club
Contact Ben Stevens here

University of Sheffield Orienteering Club
Contact William Gardner here or visit their website or facebook group

University of Newcastle Orienteering Club
Contact Chris Stafford here

Nottingham Trent University Orienteering
Contact Lucy Taylor here

Plymouth University Orienteering Club
Contact Mark Lockett here

Orienteering at the University of Surrey, Guildford
Contact Gavin Baker here

Orienteering at Teeside University, Middlesbrough
Contact Jonathon Hooton here

University of Warwick Orienteering Club
Contact Chris Mackenzie here

University of York Orienteering Club
Contact Alex Lines here and their website is here