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World Orienteering Day

Welcome to World Orienteering Day 2022

World Orienteering Day is all set to take place from 11 - 17 May 2022.   

The goals of World Orienteering Day are about increasing the visibility and accessibility of orienteering with young people, increasing the number of participants both in schools’ activities, as well as in clubs’ activities in all countries of National Federations across the world.

The dates for World Orienteering Day 2022 are between the 11 - 17 of May, and any activity held can be registered as a World Orienteering Day event.

For teachers, clubs, and youth leaders, there is a wide range of FREE resources available to download.   

WOW! Join in all the fun by organising a simple orienteering activity for your school or youth group.  
Your group can participate in World Orienteering Week in three easy steps:

Step 1:  

Pre-register your school or club name and activity in the World Orienteering Day global database here


Step 2: 

Download one or both of British Orienteering's FREE World Orienteering Day Resource Packs which will support you and get you started.

Step 3: 

Have fun Orienteering at your school, club, or youth group - and tell us how you get on! 

Pitch Challenge Resource 
Lesson Plan

Don't forget to look out at the many free resources and promotional materials on the World Orienteering Day website such as free flyers, posters, certificates, start-cards, and banners which are also free to download and use throughout the week - find the full list and download them here.

For more information about this year's World Orienteering Day, visit:  worldorienteeringday.com

Don't forget to register your event on the world map here

Thank you for your support.

Have fun orienteering!