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Resources for orienteering in schools are available from The British Schools Orienteering Association (BSOA) and Bishop Sport and Leisure. 

Resources for orienteering in schools are available from The British Schools Orienteering Association (BSOA) and Bishop Sport and Leisure. Please click on the respective links in the text to see the resources they supply.

Have you heard about Xplorer Schools?

Developed by British Orienteering to introduce orienteering to Primary Schools in an innovative and non-traditional way.
Find out more here.

British Orienteering School Site Mapping Support

Do you want to get your School site professionally mapped for Orienteering? You could set up your own Permanent Orienteering Course or purchase your own kites to set up your own courses as a great activity.

  • British Orienteering will arrange for a specialist school orienteering mapper to be deployed to your site to produce a computer-generated accurate and professional map in a PDF format.
  • You just need to decide on the area to be mapped. In most cases, this will be your school site.
  • British Orienteering will then mutually agree to the timescales to complete the mapping, typically the lead time is 4 weeks


  • Prices usually start at £600 including VAT depending on the size and complexity of your site
  • School maps will take at least 1 day for surveying and 1 day for the cartography.
  • Email:

Schools Games Resources

Find out about Schools Games and resources to support you within this competition.

Secondary School 6 lesson Unit of Work (non-compass activities)

Primary School 9 Activity set of resources (Tri-O)