Strategic Plan

Vision: Orienteering is the ‘go to’ outdoor sport for people wanting to test themselves physically and mentally

Mission: To lead, govern, promote and develop orienteering in the UK

Values: Respect, Fairness, Collaboration, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Transparency

Strategic objectives

The strategic objectives are based around the three focus programmes of Participation, Competition and Podium success (collectively termed the “Participation continuum”).

These focus programmes are supported by the Underpinning Programmes of Volunteers; Profile & public image; Working with partners; Leadership & good governance and Financial sustainability.

Participation Continuum

Participation: Increase the number of participants at all levels of the sport

Competition: Strengthen and grow competitive orienteering in the UK, better meeting the needs of competitor

Podium Success: Sustained success for British orienteers at international competition

Underpinning Programmes

Volunteers: Reinforce the value and importance of volunteers to the sport

Image & Public Profile: Increase awareness of the sport and British Orienteering’s role

Working with Partners: Work collaboratively with partners, whether internal or external to the sport

Leadership & Good Governance: To lead by example, providing clear direction for orienteering in the UK

Financial Sustainability: Ensure British Orienteering is financially sustainable

The detailed Strategic Plan can be found here.


Sporting Backgrounds of Orienteers

The survey was live between 24 July and 8 August 2016 with the 617 responses from people attending the Croeso multiday events (179 people) and through an online survey (438 people).

The 617 people who responded provided some excellent insight into their sporting backgrounds. Of these 89% were members of British Orienteering.

The Sporting Backgrounds of Orienteers full report is now available.


Extraordinary General Meeting

The Extraordinary General Meeting of British Orienteering Federation Limited was held on Saturday 29th October 2016 in Birmingham.

Papers providing background information to the EGM Membership Fee & Levy proposal include:


An overview of the work British Orienteering is engaged in (British Orienteering Functional Analysis)


A summary of the benefits that members receive


An overview of the strategic plan available whilst the plan itself is being finalised


The two strategic budgets referred to in the statement supporting the EGM proposal


A summary of the feedback received


March 2016, an overview prepared prior to the AGM which provides some further background - NOTE the details about the proposal within the document have not been updated


Club & Association Conference

Association and Club Conference Notes 2016:


Women In Orienteering

The research into women's participation in orienteering was completed between January and March 2017. The initial survey got an incredible response with 373 responses from all over the country. The survey results were then investigated further through a series of 5 interviews.

The full Women in Orienteering report is now available: