News for event officials

Insurance 2018

The proof of insurance certificate is now available and can be found here.

Revised IOF Control Descriptions

The IOF Rules Commission have just published a revised version of the IOF Control Descriptions, accessible via this link:

The new descriptions are expected to be used for all events from 1st Jan 2018 onwards. Where the planning and controlling activities for events in early 2018 are sufficiently advanced to make this impracticable, it is acceptable to use the 2004 version of the IOF Control Descriptions. Event Officials are encouraged to inform competitors if their event will use the 2004 version of the Control Descriptions after 1st Jan 2018.

E-card Guidance

Event and Competitions Committee wish to advise organisers and competitors that they consider fair competition can only be provided using either of, but not both touch-free or contact electronic punches in the same competition class. All those competing directly against one another should do so in a way that does not confer an unfair advantage on one group.

Touch-free punching may allow the user to punch several seconds quicker per control than someone using a contact Punch. The accumulated benefit over a whole course becomes significant.

This advice is in no way intended to restrict the introduction of new technology. Touch-free punching has been successfully used at many events over several years. However, all competitors in those events have used the same type of punching equipment. New technologies and potential developments allow the possibility of using either touch-free or contact punching in an event and consequently, an unfair competition may result.

Consequently, Events & Competitions Committee recommend that organisers should ensure that all those in a competition class use either contact or touch-free punches; they should not allow a mixture of punching types in the same competition class.