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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
9 Aug 2020 NEOA CLOK Regional CLOK August Weekend Day 2 Graystone Moor Results
8 Aug 2020 NEOA CLOK Regional CLOK August Weekend Day 1 Standing Stones Rigg Results
1 Aug 2020 NIOA LVO Local Meelmore Club Event Meelmore Results
15 Mar 2020 SEOA LOK National CompassSport Cup Heat Hampstead Heath Results
15 Mar 2020 National CompassSport Cup Heat Aspley Heath Results
15 Mar 2020 NWOA LOC National CompassSport Cup Heat Breasty Haw/Bowkerstead Results
15 Mar 2020 YHOA EPOC National CompassSport Cup Heat Fixby and Bradley Results
15 Mar 2020 SOA STAG National CompassSport Cup Heat Errochty Results
15 Mar 2020 SWOA NGOC National CompassSport Cup Heat Coopers Hill and Cranham Results
14 Mar 2020 NWOA MDOC Local MDOC Park Event (4) Wythenshawe park Results
14 Mar 2020 YHOA SYO Local Saturday Series 6 Norfolk Park Results
14 Mar 2020 SOA MA Regional Scottish Middle Distance Championships Gleneagles Arena Results
14 Mar 2020 WMOA OD Local OD Saturday Morning Event (Incl Schools' Champs) - Ryton Pools Ryton Pools Results
14 Mar 2020 SEOA DFOK Local DFOK NW Kent 1 Darenth CP Results
11 Mar 2020 SOA MAROC Local Deeside Night Cup series Tilquhillie Results
8 Mar 2020 EAOA WAOC Regional Rowney Warren YBT heat Rowney Warren Results
8 Mar 2020 YHOA EBOR Regional YHOA Middle Champs and YHOA Superleague Heator Rigg Results
8 Mar 2020 EMOA DVO Regional East Midlands League 2020 Linacre Results
8 Mar 2020 NWOA WCOC Regional Cumbrian Galoppen - High Rigg High Rigg Results
8 Mar 2020 SOA MAROC Regional Deeside weekend - regional Birsemore Results
8 Mar 2020 SEOA CHIG Regional SWELL event and Yvette Baker Heat Epping Warlies Park Results
7 Mar 2020 SOA INT Local INT Local Events in Edinburgh and the Lothians 1 Craigmillar Castle Woods Results
7 Mar 2020 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday & Youth League Mardley Heath Results
7 Mar 2020 SOA MAROC Regional Deeside weekend - SOUL 3 Johnshaven Results
7 Mar 2020 NIOA FERMO Regional NI Colour Series 1 Castle Archdale Results