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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
14 Oct 2018 SOA GRAMP Regional Scolty - Level C Scolty Results
14 Oct 2018 EAOA SOS Regional Chalkney, SOS Colour coded and ESSOL Chalkney Results
14 Oct 2018 SOA SOLWAY Regional SOLWAY Mark Hill SoSOL Mark Hill, Rockcliffe Results
14 Oct 2018 WMOA HOC Regional WML Highgate Common - West Midlands League Highgate Common Results
14 Oct 2018 SWOA DEVON Regional Devon Galoppen and Devon League Event 1 Golden Dagger Results
14 Oct 2018 WOA MWOC Local MWOC local Hafod Results
14 Oct 2018 EMOA DVO Regional East Midlands League 2018 Grangewood Results
13 Oct 2018 NEOA CLOK National October Odyssey day 1 Flyingdales Results
13 Oct 2018 NWOA PFO Regional Towneley Park, Autumn Series (3/3) Towneley Park Results
13 Oct 2018 YHOA SYO Local Saturday Series 2 Meersbrook Park Results
13 Oct 2018 WMOA POTOC Local Berryhill local event-- Berryhill fields Results
13 Oct 2018 SEOA SO Local SO - SOG A3 - Great Walstead School and Henfield Wood, Lindfield, near Haywards Heath Great Walstead School & Henfield Wood Results
13 Oct 2018 NIOA NWOC Regional N.Ireland Open Orienteering Championships Pomeroy Forest Results
7 Oct 2018 NEOA NATO Local NE Score Championships Jesmond Dene Results
7 Oct 2018 NWOA SELOC National Liverpool Big Weekend Urban Event (UKOL) Liverpool University Results
7 Oct 2018 SWOA QO Local QOFL 1 Ashley Combe Results
7 Oct 2018 EMOA LEI Regional East Midlands Urban League 2018 Shepshed Results
7 Oct 2018 SWOA KERNO Regional Forest League 1 Hardhead Downs Results
7 Oct 2018 SEOA SO Regional SO Rewell Woods level C event Rewell Woods Results
6 Oct 2018 SEOA HH Local HH Saturday League & Youth League Fairlands Results
6 Oct 2018 SWOA BOK Local BOK Local Event Blaise Castle Results
6 Oct 2018 SOA STAG National STAG Junior Home Internationals Individual Errochty Results
6 Oct 2018 NWOA DEE National Liverpool Big Weekend Day 1 Formby Dunes (UKOL) Formby Dunes Results
6 Oct 2018 NIOA FERMO Regional NI Colour Series League - Event 5 Gortin Forest Park Results
6 Oct 2018 SOA STAG National STAG CompassPoint Scottish Orienteering League 4 Errochty Results