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Date Region Club Level Event Name Event Venue View Results
8 Mar 2015 EAOA NOR Regional NOR Colour Coded Pond Hills, Hempstead Results
8 Mar 2015 SWOA SARUM National Sarum Saunter Sidbury Hill Results
8 Mar 2015 SOA INT National INT CompassPoint Scottish O League 1 Gullane Dunes Results
8 Mar 2015 NWOA LOC Regional LOC Cumbrian Galoppen Claife Heights Results
7 Mar 2015 SEOA SO Regional SE YBT heat / SO SOG S4, Parham Woods, between Storrington & Pulborough (event 1 of SO champs 2015) Parham Woods Results
7 Mar 2015 NWOA SROC Local SROC spring series 2 Yarrow Valley Results
7 Mar 2015 NIOA NWOC Regional NI Colour Series 1 Drumnaph Wood Results
7 Mar 2015 SEOA HH Regional HH Saturday League & Youth League Ashridge South Results
7 Mar 2015 SCOA OUOC Regional Oxford City Race Oxford City Centre Results
2 Mar 2015 SWOA WSX Local Club Night and Night League Brownsea Island Results
1 Mar 2015 SEOA CHIG Regional CHIG District Event incorporating SWELL league Wormley Woods Results
1 Mar 2015 WOA SBOC Regional Welsh League Event 2015, Yvette Baker Trophy Heat & Cwpan Y Ddraig Competition Pembrey Burrows and Country Park Results
1 Mar 2015 EMOA LEI Regional EMOA League Event Ratby Woodlands Ratby Results
1 Mar 2015 YHOA SYO National BNC weekend event (UKOL) Cawthorne/Deffer Results
28 Feb 2015 NWOA PFO Regional PFO District Event Nick O'Pendle Results
28 Feb 2015 SEOA SO Local SO SOG S3, Friston Forest (west), Friston Forest (west) Results
28 Feb 2015 SEOA DFOK Local DFOK Kent Orienteering League Whitehorse Woods Results
28 Feb 2015 YHOA AIRE Major British Night Championships (UKOL) Middleton Park Results
28 Feb 2015 SOA SOLWAY Local Solway - Winter Series Heathhall Forest Results
22 Feb 2015 NWOA BL Regional Binsey and Whittas Park Bewaldeth, A591 between Bothel and Keswick Results
22 Feb 2015 SWOA BOK Local BOK Club Event Sandford & Lyncombe Hill Results
22 Feb 2015 EMOA NOC Regional NOC Regional Event (EM League) Harlow Wood Results
22 Feb 2015 WOA SWOC Regional Welsh League Event 2015 Coed Cefn Pwll Du (Draethen) Results
22 Feb 2015 SCOA TVOC National TVOC Chiltern Challenge Regional Event Level B Penn and Common Wood Results
22 Feb 2015 SOA EUOC Regional BUCS - Relay Barr Wood Results