Go Orienteering

Virtual Orienteering

Virtual orienteering courses created for you to complete with your smartphone or GPS watch.  

Due to COVID-19, there are restrictions across the UK so please adhere to those in your local area.


Please note: This MapRun app is an independent app and is not part of British Orienteering.


You can find virtual permanent courses here and club virtual activities here


This app has many attractive features for offering simple opportunities to participate in orienteering, including:

  • No infrastructure is needed on the ground so there’s no effort in putting out / collecting controls 
  • Courses can be completed at any time 
  • The app used GPS in your smartphone and will automatically record each site you visit  
  • A results table allows comparision of performance and motivates participation

Getting Started

Here’s our quick guide to get you started, and you can take a look at our

  • The latest version is MapRun6 which can be found on Google Play or the App Store to your GPS-enabled smartphone.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Check that your phone is correctly set up for maprun. Click here for guidance on phone settings for the maprun app.
  • Select the “event” you want to run.  Navigate to the UK folder and then click on the area and event name to download the map. We recommend you download the map while you have access to wifi or a good mobile signal. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to retrieve the map from local storage on your phone.
  • Some “events” are protected by a 4-digit PIN, which would be set up by the organiser for private courses 
  • Once you’re ready to run, click on “Go To Start” (if necessary re-loading the event from local storage in the event list first) and enter the PIN if required.
  • Walk towards the start. Your phone should beep and the clock start timing once you come within range of the start location.
  • Run the course as normal. Your phone should beep when you reach each control point. Sometimes you may need to slow down and stop for a couple of seconds, or move a few paces until it registers.
  • Once you have found all the points (or your time is up for a score course) head for the finish for the final beep. You should avoid running past the finish before the end of the course or you may accidentally stop the clock!
  • The app may automatically attempt to save your results but if you don’t have access to data this can be done later. Please remember to save your results as it will help us know how many people are enjoying using the app! If you have a Strava account you can also synchronise your session directly.
  • To view the results table for the event, select “Show Results” and select the event that you have just completed. You will also be able to view the “track” of your route and upload to Strava.