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Tweet Thursday 26th August 2021

BOK 50th Anniversary and Club Championships - 5 September 2021

Bristol Orienteering Klub (BOK) 50th Anniversary and Club Championships - entries open to everyone to join in!

Hanham, Bristol - Sunday 5 September 2021

Bristol Orienteering Klub is having a 50th Anniversary celebration race on 5 September 2021 in a brand newly mapped area. 

Entries are open for everyone!  (Bristol Orienteering Klub members, non-members, and members of other clubs that would like to run on this new area).  The starts for the race will be from 10:45 am to 11:45 am. 

Please note:  Entries are by pre-entry only and are still open via Fabian4 here
However, you need to be quick as entries for this race close this Sunday 29 August.

Hanham Hencliff & Bickley Woods is a newly mapped area along the edge of the river avon.  It is a complex mix of forested old mining areas, with significant amounts of contour detail and features in the terrain. The southern part of the area is punctuated by a number of cliff edged valleys, and the northern area flattens out into forested parkland.

Amy Curtis, Publicity Officer at Bristol Orienteering Klub, says: 
"There is a 50 minute score race which is a celebration for our 50 years as a club, and for our younger juniors there is also a Yellow course available.  Entries are open for everyone including BOK members, non-members, and members of other clubs that would like to run on this new area."

Amy continues: "We look forward to welcoming you as you join in our Klub's 50th Anniversary Celebrations."

BOK 50th Anniversary social and club championships race at a brand new complex area.  The main assembly will be at Hanham Community Centre, where we will be holding our Social Event after the racing has finished from 1pm onwards.


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