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Tweet Friday 30th March 2018

Winners Announced - 2017 Volunteer, Club and Mapping Awards

Thank you to all of those who submitted nominations for the awards it is good to see so much activity going on to develop the sport and we thank all those volunteers and clubs who make orienteering happen across the country.

The Volunteer and Club winners have been decided by the Development Steering Group and the Mapping awards, organised by Terry Smith, Map Advisory Group Chair, were decided by three judges. The awards were presented at British Orienteering’s 2018 Annual General Meeting this evening (Friday 30 March) at MoD Stafford.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the club, volunteer and mapping awards for 2017:

Young Volunteer of the Year 2017

Awarded to Matthew Fellbaum of Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Matthew was the coordinator for EUOCs Big Weekend 10th Anniversary. Matthew took on the challenge of adding an additional indoor orienteering event along with the three other events that he also organised. Hosting 733 competitors over 4 races two of which were UK Orienteering League races is an admiral achievement especially at the age of 20. Congratulations!


University Club of the Year 2017

Awarded to Edinburgh University Orienteering Club (EUOC)

EUOC one of the most well-known university orienteering clubs offer regular weekly training as well as taster sessions throughout the year. These are supplemented with a variety of weekend trips to train and compete. The strength of the club is the continued transition of committee roles to new members ensuring sustainability for the club entering its 55th year.

Judith Holt and Gillian Rowan Wilde (PFO)
Bristol Orienteering Klub (BOK)

Peter Palmer Coach of the Year 2017

Awarded to Gillian Rowan Wilde of Pendle Forest Orienteers and North West Junior Squad

As a lead coach for Pendle Forest Orienteers (PFO) Gillian, in conjunction with 2 other PFO coaches, plans and delivers weekly orienteering activities at PFO club nights. In the last 12 months, she has guided and mentored junior and senior members alike, successfully supporting 3 junior members to acceptance in the NWJS. Gillian also coaches the North West Junior Squad as part of the senior coaching team at training weekends and on tour.


Club of the Year 2017

Awarded to Bristol Orienteering Klub

In 2017 BOK hosted 3 National, 7 Regional and 23 Local events including the British Schools Championships and BOK Blast as part of Bristol being the European City of Sport. With weekly training runs and support from club coaches the club is a regular winner of team competitions winning the CompassSport Cup and the UK Orienteering League in 2017 and supports members to achieve regional and national selection.

Away from competition the club runs regular training and offers to mentor for volunteers. Clubmark accredited, they are active in the community working closely with partners such as WESPORT, the County Sports Partnership, Bristol Sports Gathering and WalkFest. The club also supports local orienteering in the Avon Schools League and the University of Bristol Orienteering Club.


SILVA Award 2017

Awarded to Phil Basford of Dartford Orienteering Klubb

Phil started orienteering in the late 1960's whilst in the Royal Army Medical Corps and has been an enthusiastic participant in the sport ever since. He joined the emerging Army Orienteering Club and was very involved with the promotion of the sport of orienteering in the Army. In the 1980’s Phil developed and successfully ran the first computer results system at the Army Orienteering Championships he organised.

Phil joined DFOK in the early 1970’s and has been an active member ever since. He has turned his hand to all manner of activities developing and running the club. Phil is a strong believer in good coaching and high-quality regular communication being key to a successful club and his volunteer work has reflected this founding the club’s weekly activity evenings, creating The Niche, DFOKs online training resource, newsletter editor and producer for many years. Phil has also driven the clubs connections to the community through initiatives such as DFOKs regular volunteer support for the London Marathon, permanent orienteering courses and the clubs latest project as part of the Darent Valley Landscape Partnership Scheme.

This year saw more nominations for the SILVA Award than ever before and those nominations were so strong that the panel and the board felt it necessary to recognise three other outstanding nominees. The three nominees below received a certificate recognising their long-standing commitment and dedication to orienteering.

Pat MacLeod

Pat's contribution to orienteering in the field is far-reaching. At a local club level, he is a vitally important multi-tasking member of the club, at a regional level, he is keen to hold regional events and nationally he is always a key player in not only NGOC but nearby clubs hosting national events.

But possibly his keenness to develop orienteering as a popular sport attracting a wider membership is the key to the future of the sport.


Colin Best

Colin has had a monumental impact on the sport of orienteering within South Yorkshire and is incredibly passionate about grassroots development. Colin has had a significant influence on SYO’s success over the past few years, introducing the SYO Schools league a key part of SYO being the fastest growing UK club.


Anne Braggins

Anne has been involved with all aspects of orienteering for over 40 years since the mid ‘70’s. Regarded as the ‘mother’ of international Trail Orienteering from its very earliest days Anne acted as voluntary Team Manager of the British TrailO team for over 20 years. During which time she has chaired the British Orienteering TrailO Development Steering Group which she stepped down from at the end of 2017.

Judith Holt presented a Certificate of Recognition to Anne Braggins

British Orienteering Map Awards 2017

The aim of the Mapping Awards is to encourage and recognise high standards of mapping. The map awards for maps used in 2017 are decided on submissions provided by clubs and mappers. The judges were Robert Dove, Peter Hornsby and Paul Taylor. The scoring is based on specification, cartography and presentation.


The Chichester Trophy

This award is presented for the best map produced by an amateur mapper.

From the eleven maps submitted, the three judges agreed that the winning map is “Wormbridge & The Cockshutt” by Rod Postlethwaite

The Chichester Trophy

The Silva Trophy

Awarded for the best map produced by professional mappers.

From the two maps submitted, the three judges agreed that the winning map is “The Towans & Poldice Mine” by Dave Peel, Peel Land Surveys


The Walsh Trophy, which is sponsored by Walsh Shoes

Awarded for the best urban or sprint map to ISSOM standards.

From the twelve maps submitted, the three judges agreed that the winning map is “Abbey Craig and the Wallace Monument” by Graham Gristwood

Award received by Philip Gristwood on behalf of Graham Gristwood

The Bonington Trophy

Awarded annually for the best contribution to mapping. In all cases, this reflected considerable input and support to the sport over many years.

The winner of the Bonington Trophy for 2017 is Trevor Crowe, Nominated by BOK


The judges found it very difficult to differentiate between many of the maps submitted for several of the trophies. All those who submitted maps should be very proud of their achievements.

Congratulations to all entries for the high standard this year.