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Tweet Monday 10th June 2019

“Every Junior Matters” strategy for Juniors and Youth

Implementation – Year 1

During the first year 2018-19 of implementation of the “Every Junior Matters” strategy, there has been good progress in several areas:

  • Club Junior Development:  Many clubs have made significant improvements in junior development.  As well as established clubs such as SYO & WCOC, others such as SELOC, WAOC, DFOK & OROX have launched programmes and improved their provision for juniors. 
  • Improving the Sport for juniors:  New team categories in the Yvette Baker and Peter Palmer Relays to help smaller teams and clubs.  A new review of Talent and Performance will improve provision for high performing juniors.
  • Providing more social and inclusive opportunities:  A new Youth Advisory Board has been set up, and the series of youth camps for younger juniors has expanded.  

For a report on the first year of implementation, see here

You can view the full "Every Junior Matters" Youth Strategy here.