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Tweet Thursday 6th June 2019

World Cup 2019 begins on Saturday with LIVE Web-TV shows

We are close to the start of World Cup 2019!

Please promote the Event and all Live services and especially the Web-TV shows, all available on the new LIVE Orienteering platform. Our common goal would be that all 2 million active orienteers (globally) should at least know that the World Cup is LIVE this weekend (+ Tuesday next week).

LIVE Orienteering!

All necessary info to promote is on the Welcome page with Web-TV Schedule.

The 2019 world cup programme can be found here.

Please note:  

No login or account is needed for live results or live GPS tracking live services.

For Web-TV followers, a new account is needed, and your previous LIVE Orienteering account does not work.


Web-TV Broadcasts

All broadcast times are local time, UTC+3


Saturday 8th – Middle

11:30 -13:00 (Women)
14:30-16:00 (Men)
Ticket: 6 EURO*


Sunday 9th – Pursuit

10:00-12:55 (Women + Men)
Ticket: 6 EURO*


Tuesday 11th – Sprint Relay

Ticket: 6 EURO*


*Bundle tickets:
All competitions = 16 EURO
Pursuit + Sprint Relay = 10 EURO