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Tweet Thursday 8th August 2019

Wolvey C of E Primary School in Hinckley Continue to Enjoy Orienteering!

Three years ago... Teacher Zoe Hawkins at Wolvey C of E Primary School in Hinckley took her class out for the first time orienteering at Fosse Meadows in 2016 after downloading a permanent orienteering course from the British Orienteering website. 


Jennie Taylor Communications Officer at British Orienteering says:
“I was delighted to be contacted by Zoe Hawkins before the end of this summer term again this year.  I was even more delighted to hear that she was preparing to take her class of 2019 orienteering as a well earned out of classroom treat after finishing their SAT's test, and was encouraging more of her school colleagues to do the same with their classes...three years on!"

This is what the Year 6 children had to say about their first time of orienteering this year!

We asked:  Have you taken part in orienteering before?

The children said:

"Unfortunately no, because I had never heard of it as a sport before.”

We asked:  What did you enjoy about orienteering?

The children said:
“The reason that I greatly enjoyed orienteering was the fact that it involved a variety of different skills such as, puzzle-solving, map reading and other skills that we don’t get to use in the classroom.”
“What I enjoyed about orienteering was the competitiveness against my friends which pushed me to do well. Being outside added an extra element to the excitement of it.”
“I enjoyed the adventure and energy of being outside.”
“My favourite part of the whole experience was being outdoors with my friends; I think this could be the sport for me!”
“I liked that one aspect of it was a puzzle and I also enjoyed the competitiveness of the race to find the markers.”

“What I liked about orienteering was that it was in the countryside and whilst running or walking to find the marker, you could look at the nature around you.”

“I liked it because when you find all the markers, you feel accomplished. I also liked the teamwork part of it because you have to work together.”
“I liked orienteering because you got to run around a lot and improve your map reading skills.”
“I liked orienteering because we got to run around outside in an interesting place while having fun, taking part in a competition and taking part in a sporting activity.”
“What I liked about orienteering was the nature around us whilst we were walking and the hunt to find the markers that were placed in different locations.”
“I liked the orienteering because it’s in the outdoors and we got to explore all around the area to find the markers; it was just like a treasure hunt but much more fun.”

We asked:  What did you learn?

The children said: 

“I learnt to never lose track of where we were on the map as it is extremely easy to do so and then you have to waste time refinding your location.”

“The skills that I have learned include, how to read a map properly which could be very useful in the future, and how to navigate around a forest which I couldn’t have done before.”

“I learnt to always keep my thumb on the map so I didn’t lose our location and get lost.”
“I learnt to always keep my thumb on my current location and look at the key to discover where the next marker was going to be.”
“I learnt about some of the symbols during the map reading and that you should keep your thumb on the map and turn the map while trying to find the next post.”
“When I was map reading, I learnt that when you are following the route and you turn left or right, you have to turn the map to avoid losing your location and then have to spend time finding where you are again.”
“I learnt that I had to look carefully at my surroundings so that I didn’t miss any of the markers which wasted time then having to retrace steps.”
We asked:  Would you take part in orienteering again?
The children said:
“I would definitely take part in orienteering again because I love to run over long distances. Also, I love the countryside and if I want a career in the RAF, I will need to be able to read a map so if I start now, I will then become amazing at it.”
“I have never done orienteering before but would definitely consider doing it again. The reason is because I love running and puzzle solving so it is a way to keep fit while exercising the mind.”


Zoe Hawkins the Teacher leading the orienteering activity with the children commented:
“The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the orienteering activities; it was a welcome relief after preparing for the SATs as they are Year 6.  We started off in the school grounds, then did a morning at Fosse Meadows and finally a morning at Coombe Abbey. In the future, I would very much like to make it a regular activity in school for all year groups.”

For more information or to find and download a Permanent Orienteering Course map which is near you, visit:

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