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Tweet Wednesday 28th August 2019

Interview #1: with 2019 JWOC Relay Champion - Megan Keith (INVOC)

Left to right:  GB Fiona Bunn, GB Megan Keith, GB Grace Molloy.  Credit: IOF / JWOC 2019

Jennie Taylor Communications Officer at British Orienteering caught up with Megan Keith (INVOC) after she arrived back from Denmark.

Megan Keith

Club:  Inverness Orienteering Club (INVOC) 



Jennie Taylor (JT):  Many, many congratulations to you Megan on your world-class medal winning orienteering performance!

JT:  How does it feel to be a World GOLD medal Junior Orienteering Relay Champion?
Megan: "It’s absolutely crazy and still feels surreal!!"

JT:  What was the last piece of advice your coach said to you before you competed?
Megan:  "I can’t remember the exact words but it was along the lines of give it my best and keep the speed at 70% to avoid mistakes."

JT: Do you have a word or mantra that you say to yourself when you’re competing?
Megan: "I tell myself to keep concentrating or I notice my mind starts to wander."

JT: What one or two things did you do in your training that helped you to win?
Megan: "My training is mainly running based so I think the speed I’ve developed means I can hang with the front pack without pushing myself physically."

JT: Do you hear the crowd roaring when you were running?
Megan: "I didn't on the spectator run-through but I was aware of the crowd cheering on the run-in."

JT: What would you rather be doing right this second – rather than standing answering these questions?
Megan: "I'd rather be back in Silkeborg running in the lush forests!"

JT:  What do you feel when you look at your medal?
Megan:  "Happy! Very proud of our achievement."

JT:  Where did you put your GOLD medal when you were travelling back to the UK?
Megan: "In my “important things” poly pocket!"

JT: How proud are you of your other two GB Relay team-mates?
Megan:  "Very proud!!! Also because Grace and Fiona are both individual JWOC medallists!"

JT:  What will you always remember about this World Championships?
Megan:  "Being up on the podium receiving our medals, having fun with the team… and one of the Kiwi coaches getting his nose broken in the hotel pool, accidentally!"

JT:  How did you celebrate back home?
Megan:  "I spent a lovely, relaxing week on Harris in the Outer Hebrides and my family went out for dinner together."

JT:  What do you plan to do over the next couple of weeks?
Megan:  "I’ve got an athletics training camp in England then I’m off to a pre-JWOC 2020 camp in Turkey!"


Thank you Megan!  It has been great catching up with you and hearing all about your Junior World Orienteering Championships GOLD medal win.  Best wishes with your on-going training and we wish you all the very best for the 2020 season.

Megan Keith races in after completing Leg 1 - now to Fiona Bunn.    Photo credit:  IOF / JWOC 2019
2019 Junior World Orienteering Championships Women's Relay Champions!
Great Britain win GOLD!  Photo credit: IOF / JWOC 2019
On the podium in 1st place!  Photo credit: IOF / JWOC 2019

Next up is Fiona Bunn (Thames Valley Orienteering Club) who ran in Leg 2 in the Women's 2019 JWOC Relay.   

Fiona's interview which will be published on the British Orienteering website shortly.