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Tweet Monday 30th September 2019

Girls success in Junior European Cup (JEC) Sprint

The summer of success continued for the GB juniors today, as Megan Keith (Gold) and Grace Molloy (Silver), repeated their medal winning performances from JWOC in the JEC Sprint, held in the historic town of Roums, France.

Megan's success was by the narrowest of margins, as she held off the local girl to win by just one second. Speaking afterwards, she said:
"It certainly wasn't the best run I've had, as I lost time in the early part of the course, with all the artificial barriers confusing me in the parkland area, and meaning that I was about 20 seconds down at the spectator run through. However, I managed to get on top on things in the second half and ran really strongly through the old town to finish well."

Grace also commented on her run, saying: "I nearly messed up after the run through, as I hadn't spotted the control at the end of the tapes, and this also came at the map flip as well, but fortunately I realised, as I headed to 12, that I hadn't punched 11, so had to turn back to rectify the mistake. Apart from that, it was a pretty solid run".

This tricky aspect of the course caught out a number of runners, including the top Swiss female runner who would have taken Gold, and Alastair Thomas, who was on for a top 10 performance before being dsq'd for also mispunching.

  W18      [H:]M:S min/km
1. Megan KEITH GBR Great Britain 13:08 4'11"  
2. Cécile CALANDRY FRA France 13:09 4'12" +0:01
3. Csilla GÁRDONYI HUN Hungary 13:11 4'12" +0:03


  W20     [H:]M:S min/km
1. Eline GEMPERLE SUI Switzerland 14:53 4'18"  
2. Grace MOLLOY GBR Great Britain 15:08 4'22" +0:15
3. Elisa BERTOZZI SUI Switzerland 15:17 4'25" +0:24


Megan Keith (GB) on the podium with her GOLD medal
Congratulations!  Megan Keith wins GOLD in W18 Sprint

Other solid performances were registered by Eilidh Campbell, (21st in W18), David Bunn (24th in M18) and Zac Hudd (22nd in M20) and this has set the team up for the rest of the weekend, with the Long (Saturday 28 September) at Croix de Bauzons at 1300m above sea level. 

Full results from the Junior European Cup  the Sprint are available here.

Many congratulations to Megan Keith (Inverness Orienteering Club) on her W18 GOLD medal win at this year's Junior European Cup and to Grace Molloy (Forth Valley Orienteers) on her W20 SILVER medal performance.


Photo credits:  @photogractif

Left to right:  GB Megan Keith (INVOC) and GB Grace Molloy (FVO)
Grace on the podium