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Tweet Friday 26th March 2021

With the clocks springing forward this weekend lighter nights are set to arrive!

The clocks change this weekend which means time springs forward by one hour (BST).  

Anyone taking part in Orienteering activity must do so in line with the restrictions in place for the area in which they live. 

The evenings will be becoming lighter, and at this on-going challenging time we are all being urged to look after our physical and mental health.  Orienteering focuses your body and mind.  Whilst there are still restrictions which we must all adhere to there maybe some Permanent Orienteering Courses locally to where you live . 

Additionally there maybe some local Virtual Orienteering Courses which you can complete with your smartphone or GPS watch. 

The great part about Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses is that they are suitable for all ages and abilties and can be done at your own pace.  Best of all, Permanent and Virtual Orienteering Courses can be enjoyed locally at a time that fits in and suits you the best.   

Find a local Permanent Orienteering Course near where you live here.

You can find local Virtual Orienteering Courses to where you live here.

Have fun!


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