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Tweet Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Day 2 - Volunteers' Week (1-7 June) - Today in the Spotlight: Dom Dakin (SYO)

Each day of Volunteers’ Week 2021 British Orienteering will focus on a different theme of volunteering to ensure we recognise the impact that different types of volunteering within the sport of orienteering across the UK. Each day is a chance to take the time to say thank you to volunteers across the UK and put them in the Thank You spotlight.

Wednesday 2 June 2021:  Today Volunteers' Week is focusing on the Power of Youth.  

Young people have a huge impact in their clubs and local communities. Today, we are focusing on the role of youth volunteering in the daily lives of individuals and  within our clubs, not only during the pandemic.   Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are leading change now in clubs in the UK. 


Today, British Orienteering says 'Thank You' to... 

Dom Dakin who is a member of South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO). 

Dom is this year’s British Orienteering's Young Volunteer of the Year winner for the contributions he has made within his club.

Dom at a club event
Dom in action.  Credit:  Scott Bailey

Dom is an integral part of South Yorkshire Orienteers and willingly turns his hand to all aspects of running the club!  

Over the past year he has: 

  • Planned an event 

  • Run SI at several events 

  • Made significant updates to two maps 

  • Created two brand new maps 

  • Become the club’s Maprun Manager, including setting up numerous new map runs

  • Developed and managed the club’s very successful lockdown hub of resources 

  • Coached (under the management of a qualified coach) regularly at SYO club night 

  • Developed and now manages the club’s new online entry and payment system. 

Pauline Tryner, member of South Yorkshire Orienteers, says:

"Dom is one of the most talented and innovative young people I know and his contribution to the club is huge. Whatever task he is asked to do, will be completed reliably, efficiently and to a high standard.  

The maps he created are excellent and were praised by all club members, including some very experienced mappers. The courses he planned at the event were challenging and interesting and enjoyed by all ages and abilities. When Dom runs SI at events it works like clockwork and the results are always posted in a timely manner. The juniors in his coaching group always enjoy his fun and informative sessions. The new virtual orienteering page, devised by Dom, on the club website organises SYO’s maprun activities and provides clear guidance to beginners. 

However, where Dom deserves most praise is for his innovative ideas. It was Dom’s idea to develop a new entries and payment system for the club. He researched ideas, presented options, listened to feedback and then devised an effective system, which the club now regularly uses. It was also Dom’s idea to develop a resources hub, where all SYO’s lockdown and semi-lockdown activities are hosted. This has been an invaluable resource to club members throughout this year and has been appreciated and used by many club members." 

Dom, what would you say is your proudest achievement this year?
Dom, says: 
"During the first lockdown I made a sizeable extension to the Sheffield City Map, so it now runs (almost completely, never quite got that done!) from the city centre right out to Fulwood to the West. Among the sea of olive green was a rather nice intricate area of flats, and some very runnable woodland with old PoW camp bases. I then planned an event there in September; a full length urban, visiting these 'pockets' of interest. It was lovely to see everyone back orienteering again, and how well received the event was!

Sadly, the woods were 'thinned' recently, rendering them pretty much unrunnable, and covering/destroying much of the PoW camp detail. So I have very fond memories of that sunny evening event!"

What got you into orienteering volunteering?
Dom comments:  "I'm not really sure! But why I keep doing it - I know I said this before, but in SYO it's the fact that everyone is so appreciative of the effort you put in, and because we get a decent turnout to our events, it's really rewarding, as you get to see loads of people enjoying themselves - and you've had a part to play in that."

Thank you Dom.  British Orienteering would like to thank you for the huge contribution you have given not only to your club but to orienteering in general.  Your contributions are significant, and you most definitely deserve this recognition.  Thank you! 

How you can get involved with Volunteers' Week?
Each day is a chance to take the time to say thank you to volunteers across the UK.
Share your own story about volunteering during a pandemic over the past 12 months, inspire others to get involved in volunteering, or say thank you to an amazing volunteer you know using #VolunteersWeek! 

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