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Day 3 - Volunteers' Week (1-7 June): Thank You to Rose Taylor (North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club)

Each day of Volunteers’ Week 2022 British Orienteering will take the time to say thank you to volunteers across the UK and put them in the Thank You spotlight.

Young people have a huge impact in their clubs and local communities. Today, we are focusing on the role of youth volunteering in the daily lives of individuals and within our clubs. Young people are not just the leaders of tomorrow, they are leading change now in clubs in the UK. 


Today, British Orienteering says Thank You to...

Rose Taylor

Rose Taylor (North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club).

Although only W16, Rose is an example to not just the young people in her club, she is an ambassador for the sport to us all. Rose consistently volunteers at all club events for example working with her parents to plan and control a North Gloucestershire Orienteering Club League Event. Her high standards along with her unfailingly passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic character mean she is a fantastic role model for other youngsters and enables her to get alongside and shadow junior orienteers to help them build their confidence in going out by themselves, and inspiring them to take up orienteering as a sport. This nurturing role is so important for developing the talent pipeline.

British Orienteering would like to say a big 'Thank You' to you Rosie for all you do to help people continue to enjoy the sport of orienteering. THANK YOU!

How you can get involved with Volunteers' Week?
Each day is a chance to take the time to say thank you to volunteers across the UK.
Share your own story about volunteering during a pandemic over the past 12 months, inspire others to get involved in volunteering, or say thank you to an amazing volunteer you know using #VolunteersWeek!

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