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Day 4: Volunteers' Week (1-7 June): Thank You to Katherine Bett (Southern Navigators) and Pete Maliphant (Bristol Orienteering Klub).

British Orienteering is saying thank you during Volunteers’ Week 2022 to all who give endless hours of their time and energy to our sport each week.

British Orienteering continues with expressing much appreciation and saying thank you to all individuals across the UK for all you do for the sport of Orienteering.


In the 'Thank You Spotlight' today are....

Katherine Bett (Southern Navigators) and Pete Maliphant (Bristol Orienteering Klub).

This year’s British Orienteering Volunteer of the Year Award Winners. This award is in recognition of the outstanding volunteer work carried out by individuals up and down the country to ensure the delivery of a vibrant Orienteering scene.

Katherine Bett

Katherine Bett (Southern Navigators)

Katherine Bett presents and produces the running podcast, “The Run In” a great platform, reaching out to orienteers, especially the younger generation. “The Run In” has the likes of professional interviews but also discusses topics such as gender equality in orienteering. Katherine also went on to start a focus group that explores this topic further. This year Katherine has also been involved with coaching juniors in her club and the talent squad south, going with them to important races, camps, and weekends where she has also been coaching. During a time when we were not allowed to do competitions, Katherine organised a MapRun tournament for her local Club which helped keep people's motivation up to keep training. On top of this, she was also the organiser of the Southern Navigators trophy in November 2021. A competition with 640 competitors.

Pete Maliphant (Bristol Orienteering Klub)

Pete Maliphant (Bristol Orienteering Klub)

Pete Maliphant has been the manager of the South-West Junior Orienteering Squad (SWJOS) for many years now. His enthusiasm and dedication to supporting subsequent generations of young orienteers has never wavered, and he creates a serious yet fun environment for learning and personal development. During lockdown Pete set up a weekly Zoom slot for the squad from skills teaching to games, from guest speakers to personal testimonies, he has sustained a huge array of content, much of which he has drawn out of the youngsters themselves. For some of the youngsters confined to their homes for so many months, the SWJOS online sessions have been of huge psychological value in keeping their spirits up and giving them some sort of social outlet. In many ways, this has been more valuable than the actual orienteering content.

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity again to say thank you Katherine and Pete for all your hard work and endless hours you give to your club and to the sport of orienteering.

British Orienteering would like to take this opportunity to say a big "THANK YOU" to all volunteers within our sport and for what you do; committee members, coaches, planners, controllers, tea-makers, car-parking stewards, mappers, organisers, volunteers who put out controls, volunteers who collect back in the controls after an event......the list goes on!

You are the lifeblood of our sport. You are at the heart and soul of orienteering - and make it happen week after week. There so many roles which are all important. However, you contribute to our sport of orienteering, British Orienteering wants to take this opportunity during National Volunteers' Week to say Thank You!

Join us in the celebrations!  Who are you going to personally say thank you to in your club or further afield?

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