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Congratulations to HM Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee year.




Orienteering Royal Connections

The real high point of use of royal land is undoubtedly Balmoral, British Orienteering Championships in 2018. 

Probably one of the most memorable British Orienteering Championships ever held! Balmoral Castle on the day of a Royal Wedding (Saturday 19 May 2018), beautiful weather, fantastic courses, and excellent mapping all combined to make it a great event.

Parking was on an immaculately mown lawn, with care taken not to drive over the cricket pitch.

The walk to the red start was long but essential, with around 700 competitors passing Her Majesty’s ponies on the way to the westernmost and toughest part of the area. Runners might have been treated to the sight of a drone gathering race footage, as well as running cams and other cameras out in the woods.

Blue skies and the backdrop of Balmoral Castle plus some excellent course planning made this a very memorable event.

British Orienteering Championships 2018, Balmoral
British Orienteering Championships 2018, Balmoral

Other Royal Occasions

Prince Andrew paid a short visit to the Long-Distance finish arena at World Orienteering Championships in 1999.  

Sandringham Country Park / Royal Park has also been used quite a few times for orienteering events.

  • On 1st March 1981, the Midlands Championships took place there.
  • The British Schools Orienteering Championships were held there on 15th May 2016.
  • Norfolk Orienteering Club stages an event there every other year.
  • The most recent event there was on 20th March 2022.
Sandringham Country Park / Royal Park

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has always included orienteering as a key activity, amongst many.

Does anyone know of any other Royal Occasions or visits that have taken place over the decades?


Key highlights of British Orienteering Federation / British Orienteering Activity in 7 successive decades of her Majesty’s reign. 


  • 2020:  Fiona Bunn (CUOC / TVOC) is named Sports Person of the Year, at the first-ever University of Cambridge Sports Awards.
  • 2020: An extraordinarily difficult year for everyone with the coronavirus crisis.
  • A limited number of domestic competitions and events and international competitions were postponed and cancelled.
  • 2020 & 2021: Covid related restrictions hugely impacted society in general and stopped the running of traditional orienteering events.
  • 2021:  Clubs and members at the core of re-starting orienteering.
  • 2021:  Clubs and individuals worked hard to host events using ‘covid return to sport’ guidelines.
  • 2021: first National Coaching Conference hosted online.
  • Maprun6 app developed by Peter Effeney and Pat MacLeod (MapRun) creates a massive difference in the way of orienteering.
  • 2021: Launch of a new web portal to promote over 500 Permanent Orienteering Courses and Virtual (GPS/Smartphones) Orienteering Courses.  
  • 2022:  GB Megan Carter-Davies wins silver in Knock-out Sprint and GB Mixed Sprint Relay team (Megan Carter-Davies, Charlotte Ward, Nathan Lawson, Jonny Crickmore) finish in 4th at the Orienteering World Cup
GB Megan Carter-Davies (left) wins silver. Credit:  IOF/William Hollowell
GB Mixed Sprint Relay team
On the podium. Credit: Murray Strain

Jennie Taylor Communications Officer, says:  "It's quite impossible in just a few news items to portray adequately all aspects of British Orienteering Federation's and British Orienteering Activities over the last seven decades.  There are so many people across the UK who have contributed so much to British Orienteering's growth and development."  

What are your personal orienteering highlights from this decade (2020-22)?


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