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WMOC Long Final report

The third and final day in Foresta Umbra proved to be the toughest of the lot, with many top competitors recording huge errors and so dropping out of the running. One notable exception to this was the multi-Champion Swiss, Daniel Hubmann who, starting with the penultimate start position, overtook 24 of the 25 runners ahead of him and won M35 by over 15 minutes!

British runners were, in general, not so successful but Sarah Rollins once again showed her class with a well-deserved Silver medal in W45, completing an excellent week in which she won Gold in the Sprint and Bronze in the Middle also.

Only one medal this time, but there were some near misses too with top ten performances from

Nick Barrable 4th in M45

Martin Ward 4th in M55

Jackie Hallett 5th in W65

Robert Daly 6th in M65

Alice Bedwell 6th in W60

Alison Simmons 8th in W65

Sarah Jane Barrable 10th in W35