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British Orienteering announces new family membership offer and Young Adult membership grade

In line with our strategic plan, British Orienteering is delighted to announce two exciting new developments to our membership structure. From 1 November 2023, we will be introducing a family membership offer. In addition, a new membership grade will be available for Young Adults.

Family membership offer

Any new or existing families will be able to benefit from this offer. The cost of the family membership offer is £35 for a maximum of 2 seniors and 1 or more juniors.

If a household membership contains more than 2 senior members, they will still be entitled to the family membership offer, however additional individual senior members will be charged the individual membership fee rate of £15.

Young adult membership grade

We are also introducing a new membership grade for Young Adult’s.

A Young Adult is anyone aged 21-25 years old, and the cost of this membership is £10.

We very much hope that these changes to membership will encourage more families and young adults to take part in the sport and encourage our members and clubs to share these changes to the structure of our membership more widely with others interested in joining the sport.

Updated membership structure



Young adult




Family membership offer


* The updates to the membership structure will come into place from 1 November 2023, when membership renewals will also go live. Any club or association fees will be added additionally to the new British Orienteering membership fees.