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Get involved in World Orienteering Week 2024

From 2024 onwards, the International Orienteering Federation has announced that World Orienteering Day will now become World Orienteering Week!

About World Orienteering Week 

Since 2016, World Orienteering Day took place in May and it's core aim was to encourage people from all ages across the world, to take part in an orienteering activity, hence introducing more individuals to the sport. 

In November, the IOF’s Council announced that the day would now become World Orienteering Week

Add your orienteering event to the map!

Registration has opened for clubs to register their World Orienteering Week activities or events. We encourage our clubs to consider sharing details of their events to help increase awareness of the sport and help us represent the fantastic events across the Country!

Further information 

You will find more resources to help promote your events in line with World Orienteering Week on the website, including promotional materials and information on how to run a Maze O event.

On social media, use #WorldOrienteeringWeek if adding any images or background to your events. 

Finally, don't forget to tag us in your activities so we can help you promote them. You can do so via Facebook, X or Instagram

World Orienteering Week 2024