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Tamar Triple Regional Event, 29/05/2010

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Light Green (length: 2.8km, climb: 50m, 16 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Joe WoodleyLOCM199600:20:50
2Julie EmmersonODF199600:21:38
3Harry ButtSARUMM199600:21:47
4Michael HallettBOKM199700:22:27
5Matthew FellbaumMDOCM199800:23:01
6Scott MarshallM199700:25:25
7Jane HallidayMORF196000:25:471146
8James AllisonLOCM199700:26:26
9Harry AshendenSNM199800:26:59
10Nicholas MoranSOCM199600:30:25
11Rachel EmmersonODF199600:32:38
12Katie BlackfordBADOF199700:33:46
13Jane WalmsleyWIMF196700:43:57790
14Rae LomasMDOCF194100:47:39717
15Elaine BinmoreF000000:47:46
16Susan HateleyDEVONF194500:48:25702
17Barbara WarrenWIMF193400:48:52693
18Pat GrenfellBOKF192900:50:29661
19Richard KeighleyWIMM194500:50:38658
20Gill BennettBKOF194300:51:20644
21Valerie DugmoreHOCF194100:55:16567
22Helen TaylorDEVONF195900:55:58553
23Trish WallisSNF195201:01:20448
24Isobel HarringtonDFOKF196301:03:06413
25Michael MolloyBOFM196001:06:04355
26Freda PeirceSARUMF194101:07:14332
-Alan YeadonSARUMM193600:36:22
-Hannah SkinnerWCOCF199400:46:54
-Andrew CollinsWCHM199400:53:55
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