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LOC Double - Middle Race, 13/04/2013

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Brown Women (length: 3.7km, climb: 140m, 20 controls)
Point calculations
1,187.16 + (78.12 x (2,870.08 - T)) / 705.82
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Claire WardINTF197700:32:331289
2Hollie OrrLOCF198900:32:421288
3Riina KuuseloODF197800:32:551286
4Sarah RollinsSNF197600:34:341275
5Helen HargreavesWCOCF197400:35:051272
6Rebecca HardingINTF199100:35:561266
7Anwen DarlingtonFVOF199000:38:281249
8Kim BaxterSYOF197600:38:401248
9Zoe HardingINVOCF199400:38:431248
10Natalie BeadleLOCF199600:39:061245
11Ruth BealeSNF198700:39:411241
12Charlotte WatsonWCOCF199300:41:551226
13Elspeth InglebySELOCF198600:42:201224
14Heather HartmanINTF197000:42:401221
15Toni O'DonovanLEIF197800:42:461221
16Carrie BeadleLOCF199400:43:581213
17Katrina HemingwayWCOCF199600:45:281203
18Briony KincaidSOLWAYF199600:46:411195
19Alice FellbaumLOCF199300:46:471194
20Julie EmmersonODF199600:46:491194
21Karen MaxwellRRF199500:46:581193
22Sarah JonesLOCF199600:47:371189
23Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:47:561187
24Frances WrightMAROCF199500:49:561173
25Chloe HainesAROSF199100:50:461168
26Harriet LawsonODF199500:50:461168
27Katie WrightLOCF199600:50:571166
28Sarah AtkinsonW199200:52:03
29Katrin HardingBKOF199300:52:081159
30Rachel EmmersonODF199600:53:121152
31emily woodAIREF199200:53:131151
32Evelyn MasonF199600:55:151138
33Liz DreweCLAROF198100:56:171131
34Alison FryerLOCF199100:59:261110
35Heather WornhamWCOCF199501:09:531041
36Rachel MercerSELOCF198601:09:561040
37Delyth DarlingtonERYRIF199301:10:341036
38Emma VincentDVOF199301:27:16925
39Jemma BellW199201:37:46
40Julie LaverockW196801:40:18
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