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Race the Castles - Edinburgh Street Race (UKOL), 11/10/2014

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Yellow (length: 1.5km, 11 controls)
Other courses: Elite Men | UKOL Black (M18,M20,M21,M35) | UKOL Blue (M55,M60,W40,W45,W50) | UKOL Brown (M40,M45,M50,W18,W20,W21,W35) | UKOL Green (M65,M70,M75,M80,W55,W60) | UKOL Light Green (M16,W16) | UKOL Short Green (W65,W70,W75,W80) | Elite Women

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ewan PurvesFVOM200200:07:51
2Matthew RossINTM200300:08:22
3Rachel BrownEUOCF200300:08:24
4Peter MolloyFVOM200200:08:26
5Jamie GoddardFVOM200400:08:32
6Ewan MusgraveMAROCM200400:08:44
7Alice WilsonEUOCF200200:09:31
8Pippa CarcasINTF200300:10:01
9Robin PurvesFVOM200400:10:08
10Maya Hampshire WrightNNF200400:10:41
11Aimee DarleySNF200300:10:48
12Pierre LardetFVOM200300:11:06
13Amber GrahamMAROCF200300:11:40
14Michael PatersonCLYDEM200400:13:18
15Fiona EadesINTF200400:13:32
16Leah BartlettINTF200300:14:12
17Fiona SmithAYROCF200300:15:13
18Samuel BartlettINTM200500:15:33
19Nicky ClarkESOCM200400:17:29
20Kirsten RobertsonCLYDEF200400:17:29
21Isla O'DonoghueSOLWAYF200300:17:55
-Jed Hampshire WrightNNM200200:10:11
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