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ESOC Edinburgh Weekend - SoSOL 1, 10/11/2013

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Brown (length: 6km, climb: 300m, 20 controls)
Point calculations
1,242.61 + (63.63 x (4,095.75 - T)) / 609.39
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Will HensmanFVOM197900:54:321329
2Jamie StevensonFVOM199200:56:121318
3Robin GallowayINTM196600:56:441315
4Kenneth MiltonSTAGM196900:58:521301
5Thomas WilsonCLYDEM199701:04:081268
6Mark JohnstonFVOM197201:05:151261
7Christopher LewisSBOCM197301:06:071256
8Richard PurkisAROSM199301:07:201248
9Bill MaxwellINDM195801:07:25
10Paul MurgatroydLOGM196701:07:351247
11Jonathan EllisELOM197901:07:501245
12Megan MowbrayINTF197401:08:001244
13Matthew SmithFVOM196701:08:521239
14David EadesINTM196701:10:201230
15John McKendrickSTAGM196901:13:181211
16Heather HartmanINTF197001:14:391203
17Jari PekkarinenKFOM196601:20:071168
18Adam KassykINDM195801:35:10
19Ian RowlandELOM196201:37:361059
20David Prieto LópezELERUT CUENCAM197802:24:31
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