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BADO Level C and SCOA League Event, 16/11/2014

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Brown (length: 8.8km, climb: 105m, 29 controls)
Point calculations
1,191.30 + (85.41 x (5,477.59 - T)) / 1,036.42
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Jegor KostylevFVOM198200:58:191354
2Mark BurleyMDOCM198701:08:411303
3David CurrieSOCM197601:12:151285
4Anne EdwardsLOCF198901:14:101276
5Richard CroninNGOCM198901:17:341259
6Paul LaneSARUMM195701:17:591257
7Scott CollierKERNOM198601:19:501248
8Alice LeakeAIREF199101:22:051237
9Roger ThetfordTVOCM196201:22:321235
10Steven HorslerWIMM196601:24:511223
11Chris TurnerWIMM196301:25:151221
12Ade ChapmanLOGM196301:27:431209
13Nick GreenGOM196201:27:461209
14Anya CrockerSOCF198501:28:241206
15Tommi GroverBOKM197601:28:251206
16Jean-Baptiste CarpentierLOKM196901:30:201196
17Peter SubaWSXM197401:33:551178
18Jes DickinSOCM196001:34:191176
19Mike FrizzellBADOM195801:34:561173
20Andrew RowePOTOCM197601:35:571168
21Mike BennettHHM195301:37:421160
22Charles GookBADOM196701:41:121142
23Doug StimsonNWOM198201:42:071138
24Mark SaundersTVOCM197801:48:351106
25Andrew TyrrellBKOM198301:52:521085
26Zsolt PodolyakSNM196802:02:511035
27Rob HickWSXM196002:07:461011
28Rich GoldingBKOM196802:15:09974
29Selim BarhliINDM02:29:28
-Dane BlomquistSNM199600:08:39
-Javier SolanaOUOCM02:51:32
-Richard CollyerGOM197401:07:48
-Jan TravnicekTVOCM197501:19:36
-Marc EbanksSNM197001:27:27
-Alex DrummondINDM01:41:05
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