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EUOC Big Weekend, 21/01/2017

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Course 5 (length: 4km, 19 controls)
Point calculations
889.50 + (174.74 x (3,305.55 - T)) / 943.28
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Matthew FellbaumMDOCM199800:23:531236
2Madara BriceAROSF199600:32:421138
3Sheila StrainELOF194800:42:201031
4Liz GodfreeDVOF194800:44:221009
5Mary WilliamsESOCF195100:44:461004
6Heather SmithardKFOF194900:45:12999
7Margaret DalgleishESOCF195200:45:26997
8Miriam RosenSROCF194900:47:16976
9Mary NixonSOCF194900:49:53947
10Anne StevensonESOCF194800:54:58891
11Katy LessellsESOCF194800:55:59880
12Jenny CollyerSOSF194500:56:32873
13Pin-jou WuUCDOW199600:56:49
14Fiona FindlayESOCF194900:57:18865
15Teresa FinlayFERMOF195000:59:19843
16Jim ClarkESOCM193601:00:19831
17Alice GlotDUOW199701:00:24
18Janet ClarkESOCF194101:03:46793
19Catherine OdellEBORF193901:04:24786
20Bill GauldESOCM193301:04:44782
21Elizabeth Schofield SLOWF198001:04:45782
22Sally ThomasBOKF194501:05:09778
23Marion MacCormickBASOCF194401:05:32773
24Helen NeildLOCF194701:09:23731
25Susan ShiellRRF194901:14:09678
26Holly StodgellSTUOCF200301:18:51
27Hilary HowlesDUOW199601:24:46
28Lucile MacLeodFVOF194101:39:09400
29Jing ying SimUCDOM199601:43:11
-Maureen BrownESOCF194700:49:30
-Eleanor PyrahESOCF194400:53:11
-Aine HeffernanDUOW199700:54:21
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