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East Midlands League, 04/12/2016

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Brown (length: 7.7km, climb: 255m, 27 controls)
Point calculations
1,197.26 + (68.89 x (4,746.27 - T)) / 648.80
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Alistair ThorntonFVOM199600:58:171330
2Anthony SquireNOCM197701:02:471301
3Andrew PowellDVOM198201:04:181292
4Rich PigottPOTOCM197801:09:501256
5Jamie RennieWCOCM197001:11:071248
6Richard DeardenNOCM196901:12:041242
7Martin PigottPOTOCM197501:12:151241
8Francesco LariDVOM196501:13:291233
9Bob DredgeWCOCM195101:14:381226
10Andis OzolsDVOM198001:15:421219
11David PettitDVOM198401:15:501218
12James BennettWCHM198601:15:501218
13David VincentDVOM196101:17:261208
14Sebastian PughSYOM198701:18:551198
15Ian HughesWCHM196301:19:301195
16Robert SmithLOCM196301:19:311195
17Paul BradburySYOM195701:20:221189
18Peter GorvettSYOM194701:21:281182
19Dean FieldHALOM196301:22:001179
20Alan Le MoigneDVOM197501:22:081178
21Sally CallandDVOF197501:26:161152
22Allan WilliamsWCHM196901:26:591147
23Mark WebsterNOCM196501:34:481097
24Andrew RidgwayNOCM196201:36:371086
25Liz HeatonLOCF198101:39:091070
26Joe UprichardDVOM199901:45:271029
-Edward CalowDEEM199600:18:09
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