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British Night Championships (UKOL), 24/02/2018

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UKOL 1 (M21) (length: 11.1km, climb: 250m, 23 controls)
Point calculations
1,309.29 + (58.55 x (5,829.09 - T)) / 1,472.21
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Graham GristwoodFVOM198401:02:431391
2Ben MitchellSBOCM199301:06:441382
3Nick BarrableSYOM197401:10:481372
4Ben WindsorDRONGOM199001:18:121355
5Richard RobinsonNOCM198101:20:431349
6Marcus PinkerFVOM197401:23:211342
7Iain HardingINVOCM198701:24:381339
8Alastair ThomasWCOCM200001:26:301335
9Tom FellbaumMDOCM199201:27:011333
10Richard PurkisAROSM199301:27:291332
11Adam PotterBOKM199501:27:461332
12Paul PruzinaLVOM199701:30:101326
13Mark BownKERNOM198001:33:061319
14Joe TauntonSYOM198701:33:111319
15Andrew LindsayAROSM199401:34:101316
16Jonathan MalleyMDOCM199201:35:081314
17Richard CroninNGOCM198901:44:051293
18Tom DobraTVOCM199201:46:331287
19Scott CollierKERNOM198601:53:171271
20Dan SafkaDRONGOM199101:58:041259
21Alan BlanchflowerWSXM198502:19:561207
22David ThomasBKOM199502:27:581188
23Mark PonsfordSWOCM198702:42:561152
-Wah Kin Michael LaiMWOCM199602:47:41
-Thomas CochraneNGOCM198602:29:58
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