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SoSOL 4, 28/02/2016

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Green (length: 5km, climb: 220m, 14 controls)
Point calculations
1,014.51 + (113.27 x (4,129.69 - T)) / 1,063.45
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Terry O'Brien BEMSTAGM195800:50:411130
2Jane AcklandINTF196400:52:071121
3Beccy OsbornFVOF197200:52:081121
4Ann HaleyINTF196400:55:541097
5Phil SmithardKFOM194700:57:181088
6Kathryn NeillELOF197600:57:211088
7Michael PearsonTAYM194800:57:461085
8Tim HardingELOM196300:58:241081
9Kenneth DalyINTM196200:59:021077
10Godfrey BeddardELOM194801:00:171069
11Colin LedlieINTM196601:01:321061
12Margaret DalgleishESOCF195201:03:061051
13Pauline McAdamKFOF195501:03:231049
14David KershawESOCM195001:03:231049
15Andrea DavisonELOF197601:03:451047
16Leslie DalgleishESOCM195001:04:551040
17Tom BarkasLOCM194801:06:491027
18Barry OwenINTM194701:07:371022
19Gerard ThomsonSTAGM195601:08:091019
20Steve AmblerINTM194701:09:251011
21Catherine RooneyRRF196001:09:261011
22Rachel WilsonCLYDEF196601:11:59994
23Judith BellESOCF196901:12:50989
24Les SmithardKFOM195201:13:23985
25Simon FirthESOCM197401:13:38984
26Fiona HendrieFVOF196001:13:43983
27Robert FindlayESOCM194801:20:23941
28Duncan ShiellRRM194801:20:43939
29Morag McIntyreINTF195901:21:15935
30Angela DixonTAYF196401:23:22922
31Roger GarnettESOCM195101:23:57918
32Sam McKinnonRRM200101:28:22
33Ben BrownESOCM200101:32:37
34Judith PurvesRRF197101:33:07859
35Fiona JohnstonRRF196001:36:13839
36Gordon NeilsonESOCM195502:06:15648
37James MorrisonFVOM195502:25:18526
-Brad ConnorFVOM197000:41:30
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