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Liverpool Big Weekend Day 1 Formby Dunes (UKOL), 06/10/2018

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UKOL Black (M21) (length: 11km, 35 controls)
Point calculations
1,269.44 + (68.88 x (6,222.00 - T)) / 1,959.51
Other courses: UKOL Brown (M35,M40) | UKOL Short Brown (M18,M20,M45,M50,W21) | UKOL Blue (M16,M55,M60,W35,W40) | UKOL Short Blue (M65,W18,W45,W50) | UKOL Green (M70,W16,W55,W60) | UKOL Short Green (M75,M80,W65,W70) | UKOL Very Short Green (W75,W80) | Light Green | Orange | Yellow

 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Erik Nilsson SimkovicsOLC WIEM199701:07:12
2Joe MercerSELOCM198701:15:081330
3Dave SchorahNOCM198801:15:311329
4Iain HardingINVOCM198701:15:501328
5David RoomeSROCM198201:18:391322
6Tom FellbaumMDOCM199201:19:111321
7Dave MurgatroydAIREM198901:30:101298
8Michael AdamsLOCM199601:33:281291
9Helen OckendenDRONGOF199701:36:041286
10Thomas EntwistleSYOM199501:39:391278
11Matt DriverSELOCM198501:48:241260
12Brendan BollandWAROCM196801:54:331247
13Robert NormantonDEEM199002:02:321230
14Yordan KolevSLOWM198702:25:421181
15Himmy LauSLOWM199803:16:571073
-David ThomasBKOM199501:16:56
-Andrew HobsonAIREM198401:18:58
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