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CompassSport Cup&Trophy Heat (+entries open to all), 11/03/2018

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Blue Women (length: 5.8km, climb: 215m, 21 controls)
Point calculations
1,117.07 + (103.50 x (4,370.75 - T)) / 989.35
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:49:121265
2Claire WardINTF197700:49:451262
3Frances WrightMAROCF199500:51:381250
4Emma WilsonCLYDEF199900:57:041216
5Gemma KaratayBASOCF198200:57:141215
6Karen ParkerBLF196300:59:121203
7Carolyn HindleFVOF199601:01:081191
8Fiona BerrowFVOF198501:01:331188
9Heather ThomsonESOCF197401:03:111178
10Lucy HainesAROSF199901:03:401175
11Sarah McAdamESOCF198401:05:111165
12Louise AdamsEUOCW199801:05:27
13Lorna EadesINTF196701:06:501155
14Helen BridleESOCF197901:10:361131
15Alison CampbellSTAGF199101:10:371131
16Gillian MartinESOCF198001:11:311125
17Rozy ShepherdINVOCF199401:11:391125
18Jane ChisholmBASOCF198301:13:531111
19Emily PearsonTAYF199101:15:131102
20Fiona ForrestRRF197401:15:221101
21Iryna BogachovaAYROCF197701:15:361100
22Kirsty McArthur ESOCF198401:17:551085
23Jacquie LairdINVOCF197201:19:091078
24Karen MaxwellRRF199501:21:401062
25Julie KovarovaTAYF198801:22:001060
26Isabel BerryBLF198101:22:131058
27Luc PargaEUOCW199701:27:31
28Fiona MaxwellW196301:29:14
29Elizabeth GardnerCLYDEF198701:33:52985
30Kirsten ReillyFVOF199301:35:01978
31Lindsay DoigESOCW199701:38:48
32Jenny HammondFVOF197501:45:15914
33Karen FraserMORF197602:03:07802
34Marta SzydlowskaSTAGF198002:31:22624
-Klára NovotnáEUOCF199700:41:42
-Madara BriceAROSF199601:10:29
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