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East of Scotland Championships incorporating SoSOL7, 19/11/2017

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Brown (length: 6.75km, 35 controls)
Point calculations
1,216.41 + (78.68 x (3,139.57 - T)) / 413.89
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Eddie NarbettEUOCM199900:39:151366
2Tessa StrainINTF198700:42:361327
3Tom LinesAROSM199900:46:441280
4Ray WardINTM197500:46:591277
5Max F A BloorEUOCM200000:47:191274
6Andrew StempAIREM199700:47:251272
7Robin GallowayINTM196600:48:181262
8Martin QuirkeESOCM197700:48:511256
9Kirstin MaxwellRRF199200:49:181251
10Jonathan EllisELOM197900:50:001243
11Samuel GallowayINTM199800:50:371236
12David EadesINTM196700:53:401201
13Walter ClarkESOCM197600:53:551198
14Tim DarlowRRM197500:53:551198
15Graeme RossINTM197300:54:141195
16Geoff MartinM199600:54:37
17Mark RoweESOCM197400:55:081184
18David GrayMDOCM197900:58:321146
19Colin LedlieINTM196600:59:301135
20Terry JohnstoneESOCM196600:59:371133
21Alistair DuguidTAYM197501:00:181125
22Martyn PeggELOM197301:01:081116
23Rachel ScottGRAMPF196501:10:041014
-Matthew LeitchINTM199800:58:03
-Jamie ThomasELOM197600:59:39
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