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East Midlands Urban League 2018, 19/08/2018

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Course 2 (length: 6.95km, climb: 65m, 25 controls)
Point calculations
1,102.02 + (110.04 x (3,447.64 - T)) / 549.64
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Andrew StempAIREM199700:42:101286
2Liam CornerMDOCM197000:43:271270
3Paul MurgatroydLOGM196700:44:171260
4Wayne ByrneRAFOM198000:48:001216
5Iain StempNNM196500:48:421207
6Richard ParkinDVOM196800:49:221199
7Graeme BarkerNOCM197300:49:241199
8Steve ChaferLEIM196700:52:461158
9Brian HostadHALOM196700:53:031155
10Peter GorvettSYOM194700:54:141141
11Richard NaishDVOM196500:55:551121
12Jon PatonSNM196000:56:511109
13Alison WrightLOGW199700:57:441099
14Paul Van DamHALOM196500:57:591096
15Jessica PatonSNF198900:58:031095
16Murray WhiteDVOM196600:58:321089
17Alastair PatersonLEIM196700:59:021083
18Cameron DouglasM199701:00:58
19Andrea PageLOGF197601:01:331053
20Jessica PatonSNF198901:01:591048
21Debbie ManningSWOCF199201:03:411027
22Laura HarrisonEPOCF200101:04:361016
23Holly HaywoodLOGF199201:04:591012
24David HarrisonEPOCM197101:07:23983
25Adrian MoseleyRAFOM196901:08:49966
26Mick DurkinINDM196301:09:37
27Hannah McNabW199701:10:34
28Andrew SelbyDVOM197501:10:52941
29Andy FurnellLOGM196401:20:52821
-Graham LloydEPOCM196200:56:20
-Alison HukinW197801:56:54
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