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Fat Rascal Weekend Sprint Event/YHOA Urban League, 07/09/2019

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2 (length: 2.9km, climb: 30m, 20 controls)
Point calculations
1,139.18 + (117.14 x (1,281.12 - T)) / 300.12
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Alice LeakeAIREF199100:14:431295
2Duncan HarrisDEEM196600:15:571266
3David BowmanAIREM197300:16:191257
4Mary FlemingAIREF199300:16:281254
5Liam CornerMDOCM197000:16:281254
6Richard ParkinDVOM196800:16:351251
7Robert GatenbyAIREM197800:17:491222
8David JollyRAFOM197400:17:501222
9David HuntBOKM196000:18:071215
10Stephen FryCLAROM196500:18:401202
11Paul TaylorSYOM196500:18:561196
12Jeff GreenINDM196900:18:57
13Amicia LeeAIREF199100:19:001194
14Tony UdrisSYOM196900:19:131189
15Cerys JonesINDF199800:19:15
16Jessica NixonINDF199800:19:59
17Anne MurgatroydAIREF198000:20:191163
18Lee BeaversAIREM197900:21:301136
19Graham DriverAIREM198700:22:051122
20Laura HarrisonEPOCF200100:22:421108
21Krisztina KelevitzAIREF198900:23:481082
22Derek LeeAIREM198200:24:001077
23Megan HarrisonEPOCF199900:24:111073
24David HarrisonEPOCM197100:24:501058
25Nigel OwensSYOM196600:25:021053
26Stephen ReidSYOM197700:25:571032
27Julie MairAIREF198200:26:171024
28Julie LaverockMDOCF196800:28:35970
29Robin Culshaw-GrovesAIREF198900:28:48965
30James WetherillINDM196900:33:39
31Christopher CooperEBORM196700:35:32807
-David AlcockAIREM197600:15:33
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