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Clyde Erskine Urban race incorporating bto SOUL10, 27/10/2019

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Course 2 (length: 5.975km, 23 controls)
Point calculations
1,128.63 + (124.81 x (2,794.83 - T)) / 519.28
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ben StansfieldFVOM196800:37:221262
2Andrew CampbellMORM196700:37:281260
3Paul HammondFVOM197600:38:051251
4Mark WoodFVOM196800:38:121249
5Rachel BrownEUOCF200300:39:551225
6Rachel KirklandFVOF197100:40:321216
7Mirjam AllikCLYDEF198400:41:06
8Alice WilsonEUOCF200200:41:071207
9Steve WilsonCLYDEM196500:41:211204
10Trevor HindleMDOCM196400:43:461169
11Terry JohnstoneESOCM196600:43:581166
12Laura HindleFVOF199800:46:101135
13John MarshallCLYDEM197000:46:531124
14John McKendrickSTAGM196900:47:291116
15Rachel HendrieFVOF199700:47:461112
16Ben MoorhouseSNM198000:48:251102
17Ronald NolanESOCM196700:49:481082
18Andy PatersonCLYDEM196700:49:561080
19RAFAELA ILMONISTAGF199200:50:471068
20Jenn GaskellCLYDEF198800:51:311057
21Michael McPhillipsESOCM196900:54:281015
22Andrew MacphersonCLYDEM196700:57:00978
23Heather WaltonINVOCF199701:02:58892
24Jennifer RooneyF199801:10:53
25Marta SzydlowskaSTAGF198001:13:05746
-Alastair DunlopCLYDEM197300:40:30
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