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British Middle Distance Championships (UKOL), 07/05/2023

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12 (length: 2.175km, climb: 85m, 12 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Marcus PerryBOKM200900:20:39
2William PrestonSYOM200900:22:58
3Ella BaxterSYOF200900:23:01
4Maxwell GroomSYOM201000:25:00
5Josefine CederholmLINKÖPIF201000:25:14
6Nathan PeelSYOM201000:25:31
7Charlotte ChapmanSYOF200900:26:16
8Craig ThompsonHOCM200900:27:00
9Max Straube-RothODM200900:28:13
10Eskarina MedlockWSXF200900:28:16
11Liam O'DonnellFINM201000:28:51
12Freddie GuySYOM201000:29:26
13Oskar WoodsSYOM201000:29:28
14Alice PietersSYOF200900:29:40
15James EwartLVOM201000:31:18
16Eilidh ConnorFVOF201000:31:53
17Eden PigottPOTOCF201000:32:28
18Lucy WalwynSYOF201000:33:32
19Fionnuala RoweGENF201000:34:55
20Emily LeathwoodBOKF200900:36:44
21Kate JarrettWAOCF200900:36:51
22Charlotte LovegroveSNF200900:38:33
23Daniel PigottPOTOCM200900:38:46
24Toby BurtonINVOCM200900:38:50
25Niamh BrowneGENF201000:39:39
26Quinn ThompsonLOCM201000:42:19
27Chun Ho Andre FUWAOCM201000:56:29
28Eimear CaseySEVOF201001:00:06
29Abigail HowsamSYOF200901:06:33
30Hamish ChurchCNOCM201001:11:59
-Aoife MastersonCNOCF201000:52:31
-Deirbhile HassettSETF201001:10:27
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