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ESOC National Event incorporating the Scottish Orienteering Championships, 13/06/2021

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BlueM60 (length: 5.575km, climb: 315m, 18 controls)
Point calculations
1,173.99 + (87.01 x (3,788.75 - T)) / 855.65
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1John TullieRRM195700:41:541304
2Martin BagnessWAROCM196000:42:181301
3Keith TonkinBLM195800:49:291257
4Roger CoombsMAROCM195700:49:431256
5Gary LonghurstFVOM195900:52:301239
6Sam GomersallGRAMPM196100:53:161234
7Ian MaxwellRRM196000:53:261233
8Donald PetrieCLYDEM195700:53:321233
9Duncan FrancisFVOM195900:54:101229
10Robert DalyGRAMPM195700:54:391226
11Nick HaleMAROCM195800:57:011211
12Bob CherryAYROCM195701:02:241179
13Keith RobertsMAROCM195901:02:361177
14Richard TileyLOCM195801:08:131143
15Ian DavidsonCLYDEM195701:09:001138
16Edmund RooneyRRM196101:14:451103
17David SummersINVOCM196101:19:471072
18Alexander CampbellMAROCM196001:29:031016
19James PurvesRRM195701:42:46932
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