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SN Trophy Long Valley North, 14/11/2021

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Yellow (length: 2.4km, climb: 35m, 12 controls)
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Ralph ScarbroughMVM201100:22:35
2Arran HardwickIND00:25:59
3Jonathan SmithSLOWM201400:28:39
4Maya BrittonBOKF201100:29:06
5Andrew TrimbleIND00:29:40
6Anna Maria YanevaSLOWF201100:29:46
7Theodore MarsdenHHM201300:30:11
8Krum YanevSLOWM201300:30:31
9Linnea RiversIND00:33:58
10Edward HarveyWIMM201400:35:07
11Sebastian HancoxSNM201400:35:58
12Erin CooperSNF201000:41:16
13Alex ClementsIND00:44:18
14Abigail CooperSNF201200:44:28
15Heather HarveyWIMF201000:45:45
16Charlotte SmithSLOWF201200:47:07
17Csongor FaragoHHM201100:48:44
18Laura GookBADOF198700:54:59
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