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Carlisle Urban, 16/10/2021

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Course B (length: 5.6km, 22 controls)
Point calculations
1,169.66 + (80.78 x (2,514.93 - T)) / 456.59
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Phillip WinskillWCOCM197600:32:231271
2Jamie RennieWCOCM197000:34:311248
3Jeff Powell DaviesBLM198000:34:391247
4Luigi LeroseESOCM197700:35:151240
5William IvoryINTM197200:36:111231
6Walter ClarkESOCM197600:36:571222
7Francis ShillitoeNATOM197400:37:301217
8Max CarcasINTM196800:38:161208
9Frances BrownFVOF199500:40:401183
10Sabine OechsnerESOCF199100:44:591137
11Phil BlaylockWCOCM197500:46:191123
12Stuart CrawfordWCOCM196800:46:201123
13Peter McLuckieMORM197000:46:561116
14Enrada CepeleESOCF198800:47:511107
15James BirkinshawWCOCM200300:50:251079
16Peter DaviesNATOM197100:52:291057
17David RawleBLM196800:58:21995
18Laura HazelhurstBLF200401:13:22836
19Abigail PantryBLF200401:13:27835
20Bairbre HolmesF000002:03:59
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