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November Classic (UKOL) incorporating Senior Home Internationals Individual & SCOA Championships, 06/11/2022

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UKOL 2 (M35,M40) (length: 11.675km, climb: 80m, 29 controls)
Point calculations
1,248.82 + (86.77 x (5,213.19 - T)) / 1,132.24
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Megan Carter-DaviesSBOCF199601:02:401360
2Julie EmmersonODF199601:07:161339
3Ben ChestersDEVONM197801:11:161321
4Juraj HammerBOFM197701:11:581317
5Peter DaplynSNM198001:12:401314
6Tim BealeSNM198401:13:131312
7Cecilie AndersenBOKF199701:13:401310
8Laura RobertsonSYOF199301:14:131307
9Tim BrittonBOKM197901:15:051303
10Terence Desmond DickinsonBAOCM198201:15:131302
11Alice LeakeAIREF199101:15:151302
12Emma WilsonCLYDEF199901:16:231297
13Glen RichardsonNORM197801:17:241292
14Christopher RhodesBADOM198001:17:341292
15Sarah RollinsSNF197601:18:181288
16Chloe PotterSYOF199801:20:171279
17Gareth MansfieldBAOCM198501:20:241279
18Robert AshtonBAOCM198401:20:341278
19Kirsten StrainAROSF198601:20:411277
20Mark SaundersTVOCM197801:21:031276
21Kitty RobinsonSBOCF198901:22:431268
22Fay WalshAIREF199701:22:571267
23Paul TaylorTVOCM197601:23:361264
24Mairi EadesINTF200101:23:381264
25Abi WeedsSLOWF197701:26:331250
26Kirstin MaxwellRRF199201:28:391241
27Paul WatsonRAFOM198001:29:351236
28Doug StimsonNWOM198201:31:151229
29Paul FoxSNM196201:31:421227
30Louise AdamsINTF199801:31:461226
31Clare DallimoreSWOCF198801:32:251223
32Niamh CorbettIND01:32:34
33Simon FarringtonBAOC01:37:231201
34John Hill-VenningSNM197301:39:001193
35Roisin LongIND01:39:31
36Toni O'DonovanLEIF197801:41:581179
37Jason ClarkeHALOM198302:14:341030
38Timothy GraySOCM197802:18:161013
39Rich GoldingBKOM196802:34:04940
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