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Thorne Regional - YHOA Urban League, 22/10/2022

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D (length: 4.6km, 20 controls)
Point calculations
961.78 + (111.14 x (3,326.37 - T)) / 663.78
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Bill HanleySYOM195300:40:191114
2Sue HartleyWAOCF195600:42:381090
3Helen ParkinsonNOCF196600:42:581087
4Dave BrownHALOM195700:43:021086
5Neil HarvattHALOM195600:43:111085
6Richard PayneEPOCM195000:45:001067
7Mike CapperWAOCM195500:45:151064
8Robyn StanyonSYOF196600:45:371060
9Bronwen DoyleSYOF196700:46:511048
10Helena CrutchleyHALOF196300:47:021046
11Robert ParkinsonNOCM195700:47:511038
12Simon BrookEBORM195600:48:201033
13Gerry SymesAIREM194800:51:061005
14Kevin GallagherLEIM194900:53:02986
15John LebeterCLAROM195500:53:28982
16David RoseBOFM195000:56:15954
17Jacqueline EmbreySROCF195800:56:32951
18Kenneth HutsonHALOM195100:58:21933
19Stephen RoundSELOCM195100:58:53927
20Chris BurdenAIREM194800:58:59926
21Helen PedleyEPOCF196201:00:11914
22Ian RobsonEBORM195001:00:57906
23Amanda WardHALOF196301:00:58906
24Jeffrey BakerLOGM195101:01:53897
25Jacqueline EdwardsHALOF195601:02:08895
26Allen BarnesCLAROM194201:03:40879
27Mike RidealghEBORM194901:11:49797
28Cecilia DeanCLOKF195801:14:48767
29Peter DargueLEIM195401:20:20712
30Anne KimberleyDVOF196001:21:47697
31Pam BrownHALOF195901:26:09653
32Geoff Marsh +1INDM195701:27:34
-Andrew WallaceNOCM195700:53:35
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