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BOK SW Regional League event, 04/12/2022

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Short Green (length: 3.775km, climb: 100m, 10 controls)
Point calculations
824.75 + (91.40 x (3,904.94 - T)) / 568.88
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 Name Club Gender Year of Birth Time Event Points
1Lindsey KennedyBOKF198800:46:191006
2Matthew FautleyNGOCM196700:49:23
3Laurence GossageBOKM195000:49:58970
4Brett CraddockINDM197200:50:14
5Kim LiggettNGOCF196200:53:52933
6Frank InceSWOCM194200:54:42925
7David HanstockBOKM195600:54:56923
8Paul TauntonNGOCM195000:54:59922
9Lucille IrwinSBOCF200700:56:36
10Claire SpouseBUMCF200200:57:59893
11Fiona HanstockBOKF195601:00:23870
12Roger CraddockQOM194101:00:53865
13Anne MaySWOCF194901:01:30859
14Rosalind TauntonNGOCF195001:01:50856
15Tony RuddBOKM197301:05:05825
16Sue CurtisBOKF195101:05:17823
17Brian CurtisBOKM195101:05:24822
18Suzanne BaillieBOKF196401:06:58807
19Joanna FosterBOKF195701:09:43780
20Theresa WheatcroftBOKF196101:11:18765
21Ruth ChestersDEVONF195001:11:50760
22Christine KingBOKF194901:14:43732
23Clare FletcherBOKF194201:17:35704
24Robert TeedNGOCM193901:19:26686
25Karen LewisQOF196601:23:10650
26Richard RaynsfordBOKM194701:29:08593
27Ann SmithLOCF194801:29:10593
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